Why online study is the way of the future

A new way to learn

Monash Online launched the MBA (Digital) in September 2021. It was specifically designed for professionals looking for a world-class MBA, but who prefer to study independently and with the flexibility of a distance learning program.

Studying online with Monash will suit a wide range of people, including those looking to upskill to meet the changing nature of their current role, those looking to change roles, on career break or looking to upskill.

The MBA (Digital) offers a world-class learning experience to a new market of MBA students, says Jonathan Matheny, Director of MBA (Digital), Monash Online Education.

“The (Digital) MBA is for future leaders who need cutting-edge business knowledge and skills through a flexible and independent learning platform,” says Matheny.

In the driver’s seat

The online format offers students the freedom to learn independently anytime and from anywhere in the world. Day or night, weekend or weekday, which allows the student to control their own learning schedule, he says.

“This flexibility also extends to the type of qualification offered. For example, the (Digital) MBA includes a pathway to the Postgraduate Certificate for people with significant industry experience but who might lack other formal qualifications,” says Matheny.

Once the student has passed the four units required for the graduate certificate, they can proceed to the master’s program with full credit for that study, he adds.

Each unit of the program has also been carefully designed to provide genuine opportunities for collaboration and application of learning, which underpins a world-class MBA experience. For example, each unit includes optional weekly sessions led by Monash experts, allowing students to collaborate to apply unit lessons to real organizations.

“The program also includes a core series of professional development units designed to accelerate each student’s journey toward their unique goals of learning, community building, and career progression. In this way, we believe that e-learning is really the way of the future,” says Matheny.

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