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VALDOSTA – Valdosta State University was approved for a new online college earlier this month by the Board of Regents.

Dr. Rodney Carr, VSU’s Vice President for Student Success, will be the new director of the new Online College for Career Advancement.

The idea arose two years ago during a meeting with representatives of other institutions on how to reach Georgians and meet their educational needs.

“We also know that over 67,000 Georgians choose online educational institutions outside of the state of Georgia,” Carr said. “We wondered why they were choosing these institutions, doing research and really didn’t quite meet the needs of today’s online programs. “

The idea of ​​online college was inspired by non-traditional students – those who may have left college before and are wondering how they could fit a degree into their lives now.

Carr wanted a way to make it easier for non-traditional students to return to school and help them connect while retaining the personal touch of VSU.

“It’s hard for non-traditional students who are working and have families to be able to leave this and come into the traditional setting,” Carr said. “We wanted to create a model that was a little easier to access, register and participate. We really sat down and said that what we know about online education is obviously not working that well, so let’s rethink it from the start.

This college is piloting through the Georgia University System to try out this model.

“We think this is a huge deal and we love to be at the forefront of innovation and educational avant-garde in our system. This is a huge deal, not only for the state of Valdosta, but for the students who are trying to complete their education, ”Carr said.

Affordability was another factor considered by the program.

Classes will cost $ 299 per credit hour, one of the lowest prices in the country, according to Carr, and will not include any hidden fees.

“The cost is the cost that you see,” Carr said.

Comparable colleges such as Southern New Hampshire University, Phoenix, and Capella cost from $ 320 to $ 411.

Unlike the expectation of semesters, students will be able to enroll in this college every week and all classes are eight weeks long.

Carr said the board approved the launch of classes in the fall, but believes some students may be enrolled for the summer.

“As soon as you apply and you’re accepted, signing up is pretty quick,” Carr said.

Students will also take a course that will introduce them to the e-learning format and how best to prepare for their next classes.

The college will offer eight bachelor’s degrees, including BS criminal justice, BS psychology, BS interdisciplinary studies, BBA management, BS organizational leadership, BSED. education and workforce development, BS office administration and technology, and computer information systems.

“We know that after doing a lot of our research, there are 10 programs that are really in high demand in online learning. That’s eight of those 10 programs, ”Carr said.

Of course, there are always those who wonder how successful an online university can really be compared to a traditional university course.

Carr said he has no doubt the program will meet the same high standards of Valdosta State University.

“What we’re going to do is take the very aspects of this university that are amazing. Our teachers and staff are committed to our success and we take that into account and put it right into the classrooms, ”Carr said. “We have not lowered academic standards by any stretch of the imagination of anyone in these programs.”


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