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An American education is a dream for many students, but with rising costs, infrequent flights to get there, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, achieving that dream can be difficult. This is not the case with American Academy of Learning.

“I could get an American education in my home country. Indeed, the American Learning Academy has fulfilled my dream of studying in America at a time when it is not easy to travel abroad, ”says a former student. It has just been accepted by several American universities.

According to Boarding School Review (as of October 14, 2019), an American boarding school would cost an average of US $ 57,000 per year. With the American Learning Academy, a part-time high school credit for international students costs just $ 950, and for a semester course, $ 850; a full year high school program costs US $ 5,000 for six courses, making American Learning Academy a more than affordable investment in your child’s education.

Easy learning from anywhere

The fact that students can learn virtually from anywhere in the world over an Internet connection, without having to relocate to stay in America, makes the American Learning Academy an ideal option for parents seeking an accredited preparatory education in America. national level for their children in a safe learning environment.

Being one of the few schools in America with the highest level of accreditation at all state, regional, national, and international levels, your child can fully transfer all those accredited credits earned there from all high schools and universities to United States and around the world.

American Learning Academy offers the following programs: Elementary School (K-5), Middle School (Grades 6-8), High School (Grades 9-12) as well as Summer School / Credit Recovery. After initial training in reading, math, science, social studies, art and music, your child can choose from over 500 courses. These are designed to suit your child’s interests, not the other way around. Many use cutting-edge, award-winning, video-based features.

Technology in learning

American Learning Academy integrates technology in important ways. Students here use videos, simulations, and virtual reality (VR) – all of which are offered on a number of its high school offerings. This includes the practical and practical learning of CTE (vocational and technical training).

By offering such courses, American Learning Academy can help your child become even more adept at navigating the world of technology.

These VR courses teach hands-on skills through VR glasses – there are 12 courses ranging from biotechnology To culinary arts and even the art of taekwondo. When your child completes one of these virtual reality courses and passes the certification exams, they receive industry certifications and / or college credits.

A mother is pleasantly surprised at how much her teenage son has changed after enrolling in American Learning Academy. “He can’t wait to log into his classes every day,” she says. “The program sparked his interest and created a confidence in the school that we had never seen before. “

Benefits of a double degree program

Indeed, an American Learning Academy education can be a very visual, interactive, and rewarding experience for your child, especially if you live outside of the United States. With these virtual reality courses as part of the American Learning Academy Double Degree Program, your child can earn an American high school diploma with as few as seven credits in eight American subjects, supplemented by credits earned in the country of origin of the student, which count up to 17. of the 24 credits.

At the same time, your child is honing their English skills, as all lessons are taught in English and interactions with teachers and classmates are also done in English. Greater proficiency in English often translates into a higher likelihood of professional success for your child.

Critical support

Equally important to your child’s success is excellent teacher support. The academy holds regular virtual meetings with teachers based in the United States and assigns academic advisers who can provide feedback on your child’s academic progress. Regular “on-call” communication with teachers via instant messaging and email is made possible through designated blocks of time with your child.

“American Learning Academy has been there for me every step of the way,” says one student. “Whenever I need support, the teachers have answered all of my questions.”

American Learning Academy continuous enrollment allows students to start anytime throughout the school year. Add to that the convenience of learning at your own pace without having to keep up with fixed connection times, access to high-tech platforms, and exceptional support – you and your child will experience more than one advantage with the American Learning Academy.


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