University of Khartoum expands online learning

The University of Khartoum has decided to implement more e-learning in the face of the increase in the number of students.

Al-Taghyeer: Khartoum

A meeting of deans at the University of Khartoum agreed to expand the framework for online learning amid the growing number of student groups.

On Thursday, the Council of Deans of the University of Khartoum held a meeting chaired by the director of the university, Professor Imad Al-Din Al-Amin Al-Taher Ardeeb, and in the presence of his deputy, Professor Ahmed Mudawi Musa, Vice President of the University, Dr. Ibrahim Adam Gomaa, Secretary for Academic Affairs, Professor Ali Abdel Rahman Rabah, and Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Suleiman Hammad Nasser, and Council members.

According to a press release, and after having approved the acts of the previous meeting, the members of the council were informed by the director of the university.

The director referred to the series of visits made by senior management to the hospitals of the university and its various units, in addition to meetings with institutions outside the university, visits made by foreign ambassadors and emissaries, and their exit agreements and memorandums of understanding.

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