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Growing up with a mother who was a medical laboratory technician, Sirisha Srinivasan was able to observe specimens in laboratories and learn about various concepts used in hospitals from an early age. Her plot led the student from Hyderabad, India to major in biotechnology at university.

After graduating, a stint in computer science and teaching French revealed her passion for education and mentoring. When she saw her husband, an automation and control engineer, working long hours and weekends to support Swiss drugmaker Lonza and American pharmaceutical and biotech company Moderna during the pandemic, she was motivated to continue. a master in biotechnology. “The biotechnology program [at UNH] was introduced at the perfect time for me,” she says.

UNH Graduate School offers more than 100 master’s, certificate, and doctoral programs that inspire and prepare today’s rising stars to become tomorrow’s leaders. To this R1 Carnegie university – a status granted only to top research institutes – UNH graduate students like Srinivasan have ample opportunities to engage in cutting-edge scholarship with a wide range of faculty, facilities and resources .

The best part? They can enjoy all of these benefits whether their degree is online or on campus.

Source: University of New Hampshire

Working in the Pancreatic Cancer Research Laboratory of Assistant Professor Kristen Johnson, Srinivasan is able to leverage excellent skills-based teaching and research in state-of-the-art facilities. It also benefits from the new Biotechnology Innovation Center (BIC), an on-campus incubator space that houses industry partners in biotechnology, pharma, and medical technology. All this means that Srinivasan and his peers from the MS in Biotechnology: Industrial and Biomedical Sciences program to gain industry-relevant and transferable job skills within 18 months.

“Apart from the classroom, I also used the Career and Professional Success service,” she says. “It’s a career service team, and Maggie (Srinivasan’s career counselor) was so helpful and helped me build my CV and gave me some helpful tips on overcoming interview nervousness .”

For Master in Public Policy student Zoe Dawson, her favorite part of the A H the campus is the library. “There are five floors with large nooks for studying alone or with friends, collaboration rooms for group work, or quiet rooms for studying,” she says. “There is also a Connors Writing Center in the library where you can meet one-on-one with a UNH student who can help you brainstorm or edit when you need help with an assignment .”

Most importantly, they have faculty support every step of the way. “Dr. MacLea and Dr. Johnson always make sure their students progress in their careers and help us connect with people in the industry,” says Srinivasan. , making them available for all students to access and apply for.”

Online students enjoy the same level of support and access to facilities. “Online education is flexible for people balancing multiple roles in their academic, family, and professional lives,” says Jackie Klatt, an online Master of Education (MEd) graduate in Educational Studies. “As a professional, I knew I needed a program that I could take at my own pace so that I could maintain my full-time job.”

His program advisor was Professor Elyse Hambacher, who had no shortage of advice for Klatt to succeed. “She helped me select courses related to my interests in higher education and let me know when those courses would be offered…I received an email from her with an introduction and information from contact so that I could contact her when I needed help. UNH Online also provides services to online students to ensure that they are able to register and start classes on time and smoothly.

UNH Graduate School

The professors are always ready to share their knowledge with the graduate students of the UNH Graduate School. Source: University of New Hampshire

Such support is crucial to a student’s growth, which is why UNH ensures that its programs are designed to help each student achieve their individual goals, even if faculty and students are separated by a screen. .

“My online course discussion forums were always lively and interesting. It was a fantastic way to learn how my peers’ backgrounds contributed to their thoughts and opinions on education issues or course reading assignments,” says Klatt. “Online course instructors all take a different approach to their engagement with students. Some teachers provided a short intro video at the start of each week explaining upcoming assignments, which I found extremely helpful. Professors have always provided feedback on assignments and offered virtual office hours for more detailed questions. »

With all of these offerings — strong and relevant curricula, helpful and experienced faculty, and versatile learning formats — it’s no wonder UNH has attracted the likes of Srinivasan, Dawson, and Klatt. If you are looking for a fantastic graduate school that can meet your learning needs, consider UNH Graduate School.

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