UGC Revises ODL and Online Learning Guidelines to Attract Foreign Students to India

UGC Revises ODL and Online Learning Guidelines to Attract Foreign Students to India

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University Grants Commission, UGC has revised and amended its Guidelines for Open and Distance Learning Program and Online Courses to encourage international students to pursue their higher education in India.

The Open ad Distance Learning Programs and Online Programs (UGC) Second Amendment 2022 Regulations were notified to the Official Gazette on July 18, 2022.

According to the 2020 guidelines, international students could apply for education in India through their passport. However, according to UGC Chairman, Jagadesh Kumar of the Ministry of External Affairs, the MEA has observed that applications are being rejected due to submission of expired passports or students not submitting their passports.
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Bearing this in mind, the MEA has asked the commission to revise the rules accordingly. Based on this, UGC changed the guidelines and international students are now required to submit “any national identity with a recent photograph”.

“Provided that for the admission of foreign or international learners through the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, in online programs recognized or authorized by UGC, any national ID with photo of their country of residence will also be acceptable for authentication,” the official says. notification.

This amendment is valid for students who wish to pursue their higher education in Indian and apply to the Ministry of External Affairs. Currently, MEA is offering a scholarship for African students through the central government e-VidyaBharti scheme. Thanks to this program, at least 1500 students receive scholarships over 5 years.

In conclusion, students can use their passport to apply for admission in India, but if no passport is available, any valid national ID with a photograph of applicants will also be accepted by the Indian government.

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