UA to expand digital offerings with purchase of online university | Local News

President Robert Robbins said AU’s push for expanded online education follows that of Arizona State University, which provides online courses to tens of thousands of people each year.

“We have reduced around 5,000 students on our online platform. Whereas, if you look at President (Michael) Crow and ASU, they’re almost 60,000 online. We see this as the future change of higher education,” Robbins said.

With major operations in Tucson and Phoenix, the move makes Arizona an instant powerhouse in online education.

Those at Ashford – including 2,400 faculty members – are unlikely to face disruption as they are welcomed into their future home, UA officials said.

Ashford operates year-round with five-week courses starting each week. Students can choose from over 60 programs.

Classes are taught by a staff of 40% full-time faculty who have earned their doctorates while 47% serve at the director level or above in their companies, Goldberg said.

“We were really impressed with the school they come from, the kind of work they do and the passion they have for educating students,” he said.

Craig Wilson, UA’s new vice provost for online and distance education, said as a former faculty member at Ashford he found everyone was there to help themselves. support each other.

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