This online university is a free option for Spanish speakers in Tucson | Local News



UNAM is ranked 122nd in the QS World University Rankings. The University of Arizona is ranked 230 and Arizona State University is ranked 209. UNAM has 360,000 students and approximately 40,000 faculty, including many part-time faculty on campuses across the United States. Mexico, including the main Mexico City campus.

It also has offices in the United States, including the UNAM Center for Mexican Studies at AU, at 939 N Tyndall Ave.

The two universities have been collaborating since 1969, and in 2015 UNAM opened an office on the AU campus, with the main purpose of letting students know that UNAM is an option, said director Elena Centeno García. .

“If we can help the Mexican or Spanish speaking community in Arizona to raise their level of education, it is in the interest of all of society,” says Centeno García, also a research geologist who obtained his master’s degree from the ‘UNAM and his doctorate from AU.

UNAM’s courses, offering well over 100 degrees and career paths, are completely on hold for the coming semester due to COVID. But the university has 22 degrees that can be earned entirely online, regardless of the pandemic. And all of UNAM’s degrees are transferable to jobs in the United States, Centeno García said.

UNAM also has a high school, which is also online and free. Any student who speaks Spanish can register after passing an entrance exam. The high school exam is easier than college admission. And high school graduates can access college courses online without taking the entrance exam.


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