The Scotiabank Foundation helps 1,148 students learn online



ONLINE: Signal Hill High School students with laptops provided by the Scotiabank Foundation in conjunction with the Yahweh Foundation in Tobago. PHOTO WITH THE AUTHORIZATION OF SCOTIA BANK

The Scotiabank Foundation has helped 1,148 students with materials that enable them to access online learning, a Scotiabank statement said on Wednesday.

“It has truly been a difficult time for all of us and good deeds like these give us hope to keep moving forward. Thanks to your generous donation, children can now be empowered to better access virtual learning. .

This is the comment from Isaiah François, 15, of St Anthony’s College, who received a laptop computer thanks to the Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Foundation’s recent collaboration with the Cotton Tree Foundation.

When the pandemic caused the shift to e-learning, student learning was significantly affected, especially those who were unable to acquire devices online due to already strained household incomes. This has been the catalyst for Scotiabank’s collaboration to date with 14 NGOs and 60 schools, helping to provide 1,148 students with access to online learning.

“Education plays a vital role in the lives of our young people. It is the gateway to future success and most importantly now, as we face a global pandemic, we must ensure that our young people continue to receive education and skills, providing them with opportunities to achieve their full potential, ”said Gayle Pazos, Managing Director. of Scotiabank in Trinidad and Tobago.

FOR YOU: Roxane De Freitas, President of the Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Foundation, presents Isaiah Francois from St Anthony’s College with her laptop. PHOTO WITH THE AUTHORIZATION OF SCOTIA BANK

Thanks to another recent collaboration with the Yahweh Foundation in Tobago, secondary and elementary school students in Signal Hill received laptops and tablets.

“We are deeply grateful for the generosity of Scotiabank in facilitating our outreach program in the Signal Hill community by guaranteeing the purchase of 20 digital devices,” said Penelope Camps, Founder and CEO of the Yahweh Foundation.

Scotiabank believes it is important for everyone to have the ability to do more than just recover from times of uncertainty, but rather come out stronger than before.

“Helping our young people thrive in various circumstances ensures that they are not left behind,” Pazos concluded.


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