The joys of online learning

We’ve talked a lot over the past few weeks about why online learning might be right for you. From mastery-based progression to never having to sit in traffic again, the benefits are clear. While for most learners getting a top education at the best university in Africa is a very attractive prospect in itself, success in life is not measured by good grades alone; it’s about cultivating inner well-being along the way.

Your days belong to you

At UCT Online High School, we don’t believe in bells. You can get up when you want, take breaks when you want, and work as regularly as you need to achieve your goals. No two learners are the same and neither are their days. Maybe you’re a night owl or one of those people who thrive on a cat nap? Fantastic! Because there’s no point falling asleep while you’re trying to do math. Do you like your lunch at 11 o’clock? Great, there’s no point studying history when you’re hungry. Want to play football with your friends this afternoon? Do it! It’s the perfect motivation to get up early and get all your work done.

With e-learning, it’s all up to you

At UCT Online High School, you do. There are no uniforms, prescribed hairstyles or strict dress codes. Here we believe in radical inclusivity, which means you are free to express yourself as you see fit, as long as it is respectful of others. Plus, as a member of our vibrant community of nearly 5,000 learners spread across the country, you’re sure to find a team of like-minded and inspiring people to fire you up.

In addition to our Homeroom and Learning Compass sessions, we have over 50 virtual clubs, spanning the areas of wellness, creativity, skill development and special interests. Whatever novelty excites you, we are too!

You are the master of your own destiny

School is not about how many facts you know; it’s about mastering the skills needed to succeed in life. At UCT Online High School, we believe that no skill is more important than self-control. You know what works best for you. We give you all the tools you need, including a support coach, to help you be the best version of yourself. From self-discipline to self-expression, we know all the magic lies within you, we’re just here to help you find answers along the way.

Want to be part of the magic? Join UCT Online High School for just R2,095 per month. Registrations for 2023 are now open.

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