TECH Online University enhances Harvard’s educational offering with business cases

The largest digital college in the world uses its personal relearning system, supplemented by the case technique created by Harvard, to offer one of the best trainings to its students.

The largest online college in the world College of Expertise TECH He is a pioneer in introducing Harvard’s “Case Technique” into teaching methods to provide university students with access to one of the finest instruments of modern pedagogy.

TECH University students can access Harvard’s “corporate instances” of their exam program. This methodology includes the study of real conditions in the business world and is used as a priority and important ingredient. The TECH has become a world reference institution in distance education. At present, it has over 100,000 students per year and over 500,000 alumni from over 150 countries.

Based on the best global requirements, the overall score obtained by the TECH study system is 8.01, which is why it has been recognized by Forbes as the “largest online college on the planet” due to its 100% modern online. study system. 16 totally different didactic components in each lesson.

Harvard Case Technique

It was established in 1912 at Harvard Enterprise College to encourage law students to go beyond studying fundamental ideas and legal rules simply by studying, without going deeper. As a result, the professors decided to create a dynamic teaching-learning model to make it easier for students to work in real-world conditions by application.

Because this project had such excellent results, Harvard decided to make it the standard teaching method at all colleges. It is currently recognized as one of the best learning methodologies in leading business schools around the world, due to its focus on increasing the application of administrative capabilities that creates a bond necessary between the world of education and the real circumstances of the company.

“Instances give the researcher the opportunity to essentially mirror and apply the data they have obtained from their study or workbook to a real situation and generate options and conclusions. In other words, case methodology teaches real-world guessing. Emphasize William Ellet from Harvard Enterprise Overview.

TECH College Study System

The institution has created one of the best reviewed online study systems with tons of hundreds of scholars. The TECH methodology breaks with the academic plans of conventional universities, as it focuses on the researcher acquiring the qualified capabilities of each program to the best extent.

Due to the success of this study model, he has been awarded worldwide scientific prizes and recognized for designing this modern system that combines the best academic requirements using the latest knowledge to meet the most demanding didactic needs. The College of Expertise is the only digital academic institution authorized and licensed to use it.

It’s also the easiest way to re-study based on scientific analysis, so TECH College uniquely gives about 8-16 repetitions of each key idea in a course to ensure the data is internalized in each lesson. study programme.

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