TeachFX powers high-quality online learning at scale with an expansive learning dynamics ecosystem

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TeachFX, whose voice-based artificial intelligence technology shows teachers personalized insights into their learning dynamics, instructional practices, and meaningful student engagement, today announced major expansions to its dynamics ecosystem of learning.

TeachFX now empowers e-learning providers and educators to experience – at any scale – practices that facilitate deeper learning, direct connections between instructional models and learning outcomes, and to work effectively to increase equity in online learning.

The famous US-based online maths course provider, Cignition, the leading UK-based online maths course provider, Third Space Learning, and Sora Schools, the virtual middle and high school that accelerate students towards their wildest dreams, are already partnering with TeachFX to transform the teaching and learning experiences they offer.

Tom Hooper, CEO and Founder of Third Space Learning, said, “TeachFX is changing the way we think about student engagement and teaching quality. For the first time, we can access meaningful data at scale about what’s happening in the thousands of tutoring sessions we run every day. This is precisely the information we need to understand how we can better support our tutors and students and take action to further improve student learning outcomes. »

These e-learning leaders now have access to robust reporting capabilities that consolidate meaningful and actionable instructional information at the classroom and lesson level into a single view that educators have never been able to see before. : an at-a-glance, in-depth look at the quality and equity of conversational pedagogy and instructional practices at work in the lessons and tutorials delivered to their students.

Teaching and learning insights are provided for the organization as a whole, at the teacher and student level, as well as against the averages of all TeachFX educators. Classroom-level conversation data is then leveraged by TeachFX partners to understand the specifics of instruction’s impact on key business and learning metrics.

For too long, educators have had to rely only on lagging indicators such as assessment data, teacher or tutor ratings, attendance data, re-enrollment rates, or revenue retention to gauge success. of their learning platforms. Such data gives little or no visibility into causes of the outcomes they measure.

“Decades of research show that students need to talk to learn. And that students who benefit the most from opportunities to participate orally — those among historically marginalized populations — consistently have the fewest opportunities to do so,” said Jamie Poskin, co-founder and CEO of TeachFX. “We are proud to extend our mission to the online learning experience with these powerful new partnerships. Online learning providers like Cignition, Third Space Learning and Sora Schools can now clearly see what gets students talking about ideas in their lessons, enabling them to improve learning outcomes for all of our students.

As we emerge from the peak of the pandemic, educators are increasingly turning to online tutoring to help bridge the massive learning losses and widening opportunity gaps seen among K-12 students. year nationwide. The rapid post-pandemic expansion of online tutoring as a complement to in-person instruction, alongside the continued expansion of online learning as an alternative to traditional in-person instruction, makes the ability to assess these dynamics absolutely vital learning platform for online learning leaders and educators, students and parents.

TeachFX’s AI enables the collection, at scale, of insight into the quality of teaching delivered by individual tutors or teachers in virtual learning environments. Additionally, this data is the first of its kind to provide indicators to help online learning managers accurately allocate resources and plan interventions to support specific students, including those from historically marginalized groups. , integrating student engagement data with student-level demographic data provided by our online learning partners.

About TeachFX

Founded by a team of educators and technologists, TeachFX provides AI technology and personalized professional learning that helps educators see student speech, academic speech patterns, and teaching practices that engage students in deeper learning. TeachFX currently helps more than 60 districts and 4,500 teachers engage their students in more meaningful, engaging, and equitable classroom dialogue. TeachFX District Partners have been featured by AASA, Learning Forward, and The Washington Post for their innovative work to improve student learning and close opportunity gaps through its learning-based professional development. voice AI. TeachFX’s work is based on decades of research showing that students need to talk to learn in the classroom. And data that shows that despite research, teachers speak an average of 75% of class time, which limits student learning, exacerbates stubborn opportunity gaps, and further contributes to teacher burnout. TeachFX has developed the evidence-based “Talking to Learn” PD model to help teachers increase student conversation in their classrooms. With TeachFX, partners measurably increase student conversation in their classrooms, deepen student learning, and close opportunity gaps. For more information, visit www.teachfx.com and follow @teachfx.

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