State government mulls centralized online college admission

Kolkata: The government of Bengal is considering the introduction of centralized online admission to the university to check for irregularities.

The education department is likely to hold a high-level meeting next week to develop plans on how a centralized mechanism can be implemented effectively.

According to government sources, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has already given the green light to the proposal.

The state government has taken a zero-tolerance approach against any type of impropriety and nepotism in the admission of undergraduate students.

Department of Education sources said each university will have its own centralized portal. Applicants will get the admission details of all the colleges of that particular university by visiting the centralized portal of the university. They will also be able to receive college admission information from this same portal. They can also apply for admission there. The Department of Education has not yet formulated a policy as to the number of colleges an applicant can apply to.

The experts in the field pointed out that if the centralized online system is implemented in the state; it will to a large extent control the irregularities of admission. Some college seats that often go vacant will be filled properly if the proposed system is introduced.

After coming to power in 2011, the Mamata Banerjee government decided to launch the centralized admission system. Bratya Basu had been Minister of Education at that time. But the idea could not be implemented then. Incidentally, various colleges in the state have already started online admissions, but this is not a centralized mechanism. Some colleges conduct their admission procedure through an online system, but applicants must visit the respective colleges with all their testimonials for participating in counseling. It has often been alleged that at this stage candidates obtain seats by unfair means.

A senior college official said applicants often block multiple seats. If the centralized intake system is implemented, it will also end the blocking of multiple seats. Once the proposed centralized system is in place, a merit list will be prepared in each subject for all colleges under the jurisdiction of a particular university. As a result, applicants will learn which college(s) they can be admitted to.

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