Senators Share Concerns Over University of Arizona Plans to Buy University Online | University

“As we did our academic due diligence, governance due diligence, and business due diligence, we were confident that we could enter, take over this university, serve the students, and provide our support for the mission of being a university. granting land, ”said Robbins.

Meanwhile, senators recommended that the AU’s global campus board of directors put in place clear policies, including “independent oversight structures” and an elimination of class-action bans, which require students to waive their right to continue or join a course. legal action against an entity that may have caused them harm.

The senators’ letter only added to the list of concerns, some of which echoed previous topics mentioned by a group of six professors at the AU’s Eller College of Management. They were one of many groups consulted in June about the potential purchase of Ashford.

Under a nondisclosure agreement, the AU administration released more information on the proposed deal, naming it “DigiCat Project” and changing the names of Ashford and Zovio to “Antelope “And” Zebra “respectively.

Professors called the deal a potential “catastrophic mistake” and voiced concerns in response to the administration.

“A quick Google search reveals that less than 29% of their students graduate… the average student leaves with $ 36,000 in debt,” the group said of Ashford.

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