Reese’s launches online ‘university’

For peanut butter candies, the Reese name reigns supreme thanks in large part to their hugely popular Peanut Butter Cups. Now, the Hershey-owned brand wants to bring that expertise to the masses (sort of) with the launch of their eponymous new Reese’s University.

Granted, Reese’s repeatedly quotes his own lawyers as saying that “Reese’s University is not a real university”, but the concept remains the same: a fictitious institution of higher learning, but with a real nickname, the Fighting Cuppies, and a real mascot with a giant peanut butter cup head. The school also boasts an incredibly high acceptance rate of 99.99%.

Courtesy of Reese

To apply for continued admission, Reese’s says all peanut butter lovers should go to “Tell us who you are, why you’re awesome and what makes you a true Fighting Cuppy,” the brand wrote. “Once you’re in, you join the world’s most iconic fanbase, stock up on college swag from Reese’s U bookstore, and enjoy a few more surprises along the way.”

“Life is too short for regrets or inferior candy,” said Patricia Brown, the self-styled dean of students at Reese University, quoted in the announcement. “Reese’s U is the embodiment of that spirit. The Fighting Cuppies are a community of well-rounded individuals who are committed to the core RU values ​​of Integrity, Chocolate and Peanut Butter.”

Courtesy of Reese

Of course, this whole concept campaign might seem better suited for April Fool’s Day since the Reese University website deliberately blurs the line between fact and fiction, offering photos of campus activities that don’t exist – because that the campus itself does not exist.

So what is real? Well, at a time when every food brand on the planet is launching their own online stores, it’s a safe bet that this Reese’s U bookstore will offer a real opportunity to buy real Reese’s U branded gear. says, “Come back in January 2022!” though the bottom of the admissions page teases images of college-themed Reese’s gear.

But other than that, all of Reese’s promises are things like an “adrenaline rush” and “pride in knowing you’re part of something bigger than you.” So… actually, it kinda looks like a real liberal arts degree.

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