Our guide to creating an online study space for your child at home

With distance learning still an option for students in Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE, it’s worth considering having a dedicated space to study at home. A quiet place where children can concentrate can help optimize their environment and improve their concentration. But an office nook can be so much more than just a desk and chair. At best, it can be the perfect learning environment, with an organized space for all their school supplies and a hub for the digital devices they use to connect to their virtual classrooms.

Check out our curated list of items you might consider for your home’s office nook. Buy these items with Amazon Prime and have them delivered tomorrow!

1. Echo Dot (4th Gen), Blue

A clock is a good idea for any study space. But what if the clock not only set alarms, but also answered questions and helped your child with homework? The Echo Dot is a smart speaker and its Alexa voice service can respond in English and Arabic. You can even use the speakerphone as an intercom from another part of the house, letting your child know it’s time for a break and lunch.

2. ThinkBoard X Smart Whiteboard Film (Large, 24″x36″)

Now it’s easier than ever to take notes. When your child is solving a math problem on the whiteboard or when you have them practice writing their times tables, don’t erase the board right away. Use the Rocketbook Beacon app to scan the whiteboard via phone and save the image directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or other storage apps. This way, your child has multiple ways to refer to their notes and revise. The whiteboard itself has a smooth adhesive backing that you can stick to a wall without a drill or hammer.

3. JBL wired on-ear headphones for kids

Designed for kids, this comfortable headset has a built-in microphone your child can use to participate in class discussions. Lightweight and portable, the headphones can be used for fun – just plug them into a tablet and let your child play games or watch their favorite shows. Equipped with an anti-tangle cable and a volume setting that never exceeds 85 decibels, it’s safe and ideal for children.

Guarantee: Amazon offers a 1 year warranty extension for Dh25 and a 2 year warranty extension for Dh35.

4. Marbrasse Big Pen Organizer Storage for Office, School (3 pieces)

Help your child stay organized with this set of three stackable storage compartments that can be placed horizontally or vertically on the desk. Each piece contains four slots, serving as a convenient way to keep items from slipping. Easily store pens, pencils and other school supplies.

5. TP Link AC1900 Mesh Wi-Fi Extender

A single router may not be enough for your entire home – it may have limited Wi-Fi coverage and create dead zones around the house. This can be difficult to manage when your child is in the middle of a virtual classroom or has to upload their project online. With TP Link Mesh technology, enjoy a strong signal that doesn’t arbitrarily disconnect. The network operates at optimum speed by choosing the fastest connection path to the router. It’s easy to set up and manage!

Guarantee: Amazon offers a 1 year warranty extension for Dh25 and a 2 year warranty extension for Dh35.

6. Storage under the desk drawer

If the office nook in your home has a desk but you need more storage space, it’s worth considering adding a drawer, rather than splurging on a brand new desk. This under desk drawer is hard wearing and durable and can hold a variety of items, from tablets to staplers, and headphones to pens and pencils. The drawer has a self-adhesive and environmentally friendly rubber surface, so it is very easy to install.

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7. AboveTEK Sleek Aluminum Tablet Stand

If your child has to attend virtual school every day and uses a tablet for that purpose, a sturdy aluminum stand will keep their hands free for the duration. The AboveTEK Universal Tablet Holder fits any 4″ to 11″ display device – from the iPad Air to the Galaxy Tab – and also works with smartphones. It features a 360 degree rotatable stand and the arm bends up to 150 degrees, allowing for multi-angle viewing. It’s simple, ergonomic and doesn’t take up much desk space – perfect for any study corner.

8. CREATMOR extension cord with USB C PD charging, 4 universal extension sockets

Today’s teens need a place to charge their many gadgets to ensure they’re always connected. This extension cord features smart charging technology that automatically detects connected devices and achieves fast charging efficiency without the need for converters. The strip powers 8 devices at once and has 3 USB-A ports, 4 AC outlets and even a Type-C port. Its 10ft cable means it can extend straight from the outlet of running under the desk, even if it’s far away.

9. Mactab Smart LED Desk Lamp

Whether it’s for homework or a reading assignment, a desk lamp is essential to every study space. This minimalist desk lamp is foldable and dimmable, and has seven brightness levels. Its integrated light sensor adjusts the brightness of the lamp according to the brightness of the room. It also has an intelligent touch control system, with a USB port charger that allows you to charge your phone by connecting it directly to the lamp!

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