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School in 2020 promises to be different for everyone. From Kindergarten to Grade 12 through college, almost all of the schooling is done through Zoom and other online means. This online-only interaction paved the way for a conversation about college costs.

Colleges, despite teaching almost exclusively through online means this year, still charge the same tuition that students would pay for education in a physical classroom.

This is a big problem, especially for students who pay for their education through student loans. According to Investopedia, in 2019, about 54% of students took on debt to pay for their college education. And according to Value Penguin, the average student loan debt in 2019 was $ 32,731.

Students who want a better education for themselves shouldn’t have to take tens of thousands of dollars in debt to get it.

College is meant to be more than just education. College is a time in life when students experience things and meet new people. For some, it’s about meeting people in the classroom, meeting someone at the library, coffee shop, sporting events, clubs, networking, etc. All the things that are part of the college culture.

If all of that is taken away, what is university really? It’s not a fun experience that students can eventually tell their children about when they are older and trying to decide where they want to go to school. Take away all that is fun in college, and it’s basically a chore.

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It’s hard to have a college lifestyle from a bedroom listening to a lecture through a zoom lens. It’s hard to befriend Zoom’s sea of ​​black screens and random names. The college experience is even more difficult when students cannot walk around their campus because it is closed due to COVID-19.

Yet universities still think it’s okay to charge a full tuition fee for the year despite the fact that students won’t even be around to take advantage of it.

Fullerton College should be a favorite for the school and lower its tuition fees. They could be the main domino in a domino effect of schools reducing their tuition fees. This could help Fullerton College down the road, by getting more students enrolled, which could lead to more funding from the state.

Total student debt in 2019 by age. Photo credit: Credit.com

Students pay a lot of money to attend these PAC-12, Big 10, and SEC schools because of the college experience they will have and the networks and friendships they will develop. Take it all away, and what are these schools really giving besides absurd debt for an education that can be achieved at a fraction of the cost?

Even though tuition fees are reduced for the entire 2020-2021 school year, students shouldn’t go into debt just to sit in their rooms and listen to a teacher talking over their pods or loudspeakers. computer.

It is far from morally right to charge students the full price for a university experience when they will not get anything like it.

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