Online University Applications for ‘A’ Level Students

Findlay education services is hosting an online college application fair for students from January 25-27. Representatives from 31 institutions from the United Kingdom (UK), Malaysia, Singapore and Canada will be available.

For those awaiting ‘A’ level results, this will be the perfect time to decide on college choices.

The event is open to prospective students and those already on offer.

According to Findlay’s Managing Director, Sunita Martin, “Speaking directly with a university representative will help students get a better picture of the curriculum, the university and its surroundings to help them with their decisions.

“Vaccination programs in the countries represented by Findlay have been successful and continue to grow, including being extended to younger populations.

“The efforts, as well as the rigorous safety and hygiene measures that universities continue to put in place, are encouraging. As more and more countries move from a pandemic to an endemic phase, those seeking higher education can now look forward to the academic experiences that their predecessors may have enjoyed.

Students can attend their 20-minute virtual date from home, and parents can join in as well. Since the appointment is fixed in advance, there is no need to queue. People with weak internet connections can come to Findlay, subject to social distancing requirements, to use the Wi-Fi connection for their appointments.

Participating universities represent a wide range of subjects, locations and admission requirements.

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