Online study is Emma’s business



Emma, ​​(31), a graduate in business and marketing, is an office manager at the family business McCartney and Crawford Estate Agents, in Ballymena. Emma said: “I took a photoshop / imaging course during the first foreclosure and that’s when I learned about the Propertymark Level 3 award in the sale of residential properties offered to SERC. J ‘ve worked in the real estate industry for many years, but there is always something new to learn.

“After taking the course, I knew I could use these skills to broaden and update my sales knowledge and apply them to grow our business in the future. The course was conducted online due to Covid-19, but I really enjoyed the classes. They weren’t too big so allowed us to get to know each other, ask questions, discuss personal experiences and it was great to meet other people in the same field of activity.

“The course has given me a wealth of knowledge and even though I work in the industry, you never know everything. We were provided with excellent ratings and examples to incorporate into our corporate structure, so in my experience it was all worth it.

Emma Tennant, decided free time during lockdown could be filled with part-time studies

“I really enjoyed the course and have already signed up for level 3 rental. SERC has adapted brilliantly to online delivery, which means I can have great coaching and support from the comfort of my home in Ballymena.


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