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AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat the High Court issued an opinion to Karnavati University and the University Scholarship Commission (UGC) after two students have filed petitions asking for the reimbursement of fees due to the deficiency of online education in teaching the subject of design and that their parents’ incomes have dropped in the time of Covid-19, which makes them led to the cancellation of their admissions.
According to the details of the case, two students from Indore – Anushka Jain and Ashree Neema – passed the entrance test in January 2020 for the design courses offered by Unitedworld Institute of Design at Karnavati University in Gandhinagar.
In April, they were told they had passed and would be admitted. They chose a four-year course in design. They paid a fee of Rs 1 lakh in May 2020.
On July 23, 2020, the university informed them that their education program would start two weeks later.
These students were not comfortable with the online mode of teaching. It was the only mode of education allowed by governments due to the current Covid situation in 2020.
They decided to rescind their admission and their parents asked the university to reimburse the fees in August 2020, which the university apparently refused.
They also spoke of their weakened financial conditions due to the pandemic and the restrictions imposed to control the spread of the virus.
When they did not receive the refund for more than a year, the two students appealed to the High Court in December 2021 through lawyer Anvesh Vyas, who argued that the design course chosen by students cannot be taught properly online as it requires a hands-on approach. Moreover, the parents of these students also struggled like many others in their businesses and suffered drastic reductions in income.
The lawyer cited a circular issued by the UGC on December 17, 2020, ordering all universities, including private universities, to refund full fees if students choose to cancel or migrate until December 31. December 2020. Arrangements for fee reimbursement have been made especially for this academic year due to the Covid pandemic.
The HC is due to hear this matter further by January 12.

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