Online student mental health more likely to suffer |

Students who switched to online learning were more likely to say their college experience deteriorated during COVID. (GettyImages/Lorado)

College students enrolled in online and blended learning reported mental health issues at a much higher rate than in-person students, a new study finds.

Mental Health concerns are 75% more common among distant or hybrid students, according to a Hanover Research survey of 1,000 two- and four-year-old students, using Hobsons Stafish student support platform.

Overall, students reported a decrease in focus and engagement, and a third said they struggled to pay for food, housing and school.

Students are also more concerned about their future than they were before COVID, the survey found.

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And although more than two-thirds of students have health problems, most do not seek help from their colleges and universities. Those who asked for help turned to professors and counselors for help, according to the survey.

Also troubling, more than 60% of four-year-olds said they had a worse overall learning experience than before COVID.

Here are some other key findings from the survey

  • 65% of students said their level of physical activity had been affected by COVID-19
  • 43% struggle to pay for college, and a third found it harder to pay for the fall semester than previous semesters
  • A third find it harder to pay for food than last year
  • Most students know where to get mental and physical health care, but rarely seek help beyond academic assistance
  • Only 21% of students at four-year colleges have sought mental health care
  • 50% of returning students felt academically prepared for fall classes, with 38% saying they felt somewhat or very unprepared
  • Two-thirds of students fear getting a job after graduation
  • Community college students were more likely to access career services than four-year university students

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