Online learning is now viewed positively by learners, says Wiley

IBL News | New York

The vast majority – 94% – of online learners have a positive view of online learning, up from 86% before the pandemic, and 83% said they would learn online again. Among graduating online learners, 87% said they got an outcome, i.e. a pay rise, that they can attribute to their degree.

These are the main conclusions of the 11th edition Voice of the online learner report, based on a national survey of 2,500 adult responders, released by Wiley last week. [Download Report in PDF]

Wiley, a 200-year-old education company based in Hoboken, New Jersey, points out that positive attitudes toward online learning have peaked among learners.

“People who engage in online learning overwhelmingly have a positive experience; they also see real value in the results they get from online education, which enables them to advance in their careers,” said Todd Zipper, executive vice president and general manager of University Services and Talent Development at Wiley.

Motivated by career outcomes, online learners cite improving their job prospects and advancing, starting, or changing their careers as factors.

Respondents believe that their employer’s benefits do not sufficiently cover tuition fees and fear that they will have to reimburse their employer if they leave the company before the end of their program.

The majority of students still prefer a university within 50 miles of their home. More than a third said it was important or very important to be close to their physical campus, primarily for two reasons: attending their graduation ceremony and connecting with their professors.


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