Online college with the best value for money and highest salaries


  • If you are planning to earn a college degree online, it can be helpful to see which schools lead to the highest salaries after graduation.
  • Business Insider collected data from the college ranking service, Optimal Ranking of Best Colleges Online, which measures a college’s annual tuition rate and median salary after graduation, to see which colleges can offer graduates the highest salaries for the lowest tuition rates.
  • The University of Virginia has had the best return on investment, with a mid-career median salary of over $ 103,000.
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The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way people think about higher education.

According to a national survey released in July by the Strada Education Network, a majority of Americans over 18 would prefer to attend school online in the coming months. Respondents said online education offers the best value for money.

“We’re so used to approaching college as a right of passage and seeing it as an experiential element, as opposed to something you invest in time and get something in return,” said Sung Rhee, CEO and Founder of college grading service. Optimal. “And the result is not in line with what the market will support in terms of graduate students.”

As more mainstream university programs shift to virtual environments and students contemplate the job prospects that await them in the pandemic-era economy, the financial return that a college degree can provide becomes increasingly larger. important. And conventional expectations about what the college experience should include have also started to change – especially as colleges like UNC have struggled to make physical reopening safe and achievable.

It may be a good idea for prospective students to look to online universities that offer high salaries. By finding the median salaries of Payscale’s mid-career alumni and comparing them with annual tuition rates, Optimal’s OnlineU has compiled a list of online colleges that offer the best mid-career median salaries for fees. lowest tuition.

Here are the 11 best online colleges that will provide the best ROI for your bachelor’s degree.

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