Online College: Expectations vs. Reality

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Going to online college is new to many students and knowing what to expect from online classes can be more of a mystery. Understanding what you’re getting into will let you know if pursuing an online degree is the right choice for you. Many people expect what online school is, which hinders their ability to understand all of their options for earning a degree.

Below, we look at some expectations of online learning and the reality that usually occurs, including anxiety levels taking online classes, tweaking the class to your liking, what the Visual learners can expect the interaction of the instructor and the solitude of online degrees.

Expectation: Taking Online Classes Will Cause Anxiety
Reality: Online courses help reduce anxiety

The common misconception is that earning degrees online will negatively impact an individual’s anxiety levels. The truth behind online college and the anxiety levels it induces is that allowing yourself to be in your own space helps you feel more comfortable. Another reason why your anxiety is low in online college is the ability to complete tasks at your own pace. By giving you a sense of control over your environment, time and tasks, you will be able to complete your studies in as comfortable a setting as possible. Understanding the truth behind online courses and the anxiety they induce will give you a clearer ability to choose the right course of study for you.

Expectation: Taking Online Classes Gives You Less Control Over Your Classes
Reality: Online courses give you more control over your courses

One of the most common misconceptions is that online courses will not allow you to have ownership of your courses. And the ability to feel that you have a role in your education and college experience is essential. Many people view online degrees as if they don’t have the ability to claim your ownership of the degree, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Online students are actively involved in their education and often have more flexibility and control. Looking for ways to take ownership of your schooling will help you regain confidence in your studies.

Expectation: Visual learners will be embarrassed
Reality: Visual Learners Do Well Online

One of the most worrying thoughts people have about online degrees is that visual learners will be left behind. This expectation has some truth to it but is not the full truth. Part of the truth behind this expectation is that some of the visual aspects of a physical classroom are lost on students. Yet many other visual aspects of learning are available through online education. One of the biggest benefits for visual learners is that online courses have the option of subtitles as well as the ability to search for topics as the course unfolds. Having these two advantages will allow you to grow and be seen as a visual learner.

Expectation: Online courses will have very little interaction with the instructor
Reality: Online courses have a very intense interaction with the instructor

Many fear that online classes will leave you alone with no teacher interaction. This is the strongest stereotype against online courses. This issue can vary by school, and here at Southern Utah University, faculty are actively involved in their online classroom. At SUU, our expert faculty have been committed to supporting students for over 120 years. You will be part of a close-knit group that has your success at heart.

The stereotypes surrounding online college and online college can be troublesome if you don’t understand what’s true and what’s not. Many people who have these expectations could benefit from learning more about individual college experiences.

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