Online college courses for homebound high school students

For high school students confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, eight-week online classes beginning March 30 at Grossmont and Cuyamaca middle schools could be the perfect way to take a break. ahead of a university education.

Classes run through May 23, and at just $46 a unit for California residents, are a bargain. Most classes carry three credit units, with financial aid available for those who qualify. Online registration is available. With the virus outbreak, all college courses are now offered remotely.

Perhaps the pandemic has you curious about how public officials make decisions that impact large swathes of the country. Grossmont College offers an Introduction to Public Health (Health Education 201) that covers public health policy and the epidemiology of infectious and chronic diseases and their impact on society.

Another class covering public health policy is Health and Social Justice (HED 204), a Cuyamaca College course offering an introduction to health inequalities in the United States that stem from unequal living conditions. The course begins April 23 and is a zero-cost course that does not require the purchase of a textbook due to its use of open educational resources or free alternatives to textbooks.

Other offerings include courses in Career Decision Making (COUN 110), College and Career Success (COUN 120), and Study Skills and Time Management (COUNS 130) to help students prepare for the next level of their education.

Introductory courses in sociology, psychology and nutrition are also included in the mix of short-term courses.

Consult the list of second 8-week courses at Cuyamaca College and in the Grossmont College timetable (p. 20).

For more information on application and registration, as well as financial aid, go to

Online college courses for homebound high school students

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