North Carolina Virtual Public School Recognized for Quality Online Learning

North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS), operating under the governance of the NC State Board of Education, has been honored for its high-quality online learning by an international organization that focuses on quality assurance of digital teaching and learning offered by higher education and K-12 schools. The organization, Quality Matters, recognized the NCVPS with its Making a Difference for Students award for exemplifying the focus on learners. Recipients demonstrate a commitment to ensuring high course quality and to using different but helpful approaches to improve student outcomes.

NC Virtual began applying the Quality Matters standards in 2015 due to the organization’s international recognition, comprehensive general standards, and specific standards structure that focuses on criteria such as alignment, interaction of the learner and accessibility.

“Receiving an award highlighting how you make a difference with students is like an Oscar for an educator,” said NCVPS CEO Dr. Mia Murphy. “As one of the largest state-run virtual schools in the nation, NC Virtual embraces the responsibility we have to demonstrate excellence in online learning. We are invested in Quality Matters as external validation of course quality, and we are delighted to be honored by this nationally recognized organization.

NC Virtual provides students across North Carolina with access to online courses in many areas, including math, science, English language arts, social studies, arts, advanced placement, honors and the languages ​​of the world. Other courses include test prep, credit recovery, and the Professional Studies Program (OCS).

North Carolina Virtual Public School is an add-on service to North Carolina Public Schools. Students enroll through their local public school, grades are reported to their public school, and their school awards credits. The courses use learning management and collaboration software to maximize student interaction in each class. NC Virtual teachers use the latest technology to engage students and prepare them to be career and college ready.

The North Carolina Virtual Public School has served more than 710,000 middle and high school students since its launch in the summer of 2007.

Quality Matters noted that the NCVPS has demonstrated an exceptional dedication to the quality of digital learning, and that the organization’s remarkable commitment to improving learner outcomes includes the use of learning review tools. courses, professional development, and QM research-based standards to develop quality assurance processes. North Carolina Virtual Public School has proven to be a leader in K-12 quality assurance practices as it strives to achieve the lofty and impressive goal of achieving certification QM for 100% of its internally developed courses.

“We are committed to providing North Carolina students with expanded learning opportunities so they can grow and thrive in the environment that best matches their academic needs and goals,” said Superintendent Catherine Truitt. of state education. “This award demonstrates NCVPS’s drive to go the extra mile as they have consistently committed to providing students with rigorous, high-quality online learning opportunities.”

To date, NCVPS has certified 81 courses, or more than 72% of its core catalog of digital learning options.

“All students deserve a quality education,” said Jennifer Nobles, Curriculum Director for NCVPS. “At NCVPS, it starts with a quality course and highly qualified teachers. Over the years, we have refined our course development processes and standards to ensure they align with the Quality Matters K12 rubric. Receiving this award validates the work we have done to ensure that a quality course is available to all students.

The awards will be presented at the next QM Connect conference, the theme of which is “Expanding Possibilities”. The conference will be held in Tucson, Arizona, November 6-9, 2022.

About North Carolina Virtual Public School
NCVirtual is one of the largest state-run virtual schools in the nation, with more than 50,000 enrollments annually across all 115 school districts, most charter high schools, DOD schools, NC special schools, and private and home schools. Each NCVPS course is taught by a highly qualified North Carolina certified teacher who establishes regular and meaningful contact with students and parents.

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