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New service encourages future colleges to make investment decisions based on return on investment

Online U, a new higher education ranking, rates online college programs based on alumni salaries and debt, as reported to the government. (GettyImages / PeopleImages)

A new higher education ranking tailored uniquely for the COVID era and its aftermath attempts to measure the return on investment of each college’s online degree programs.

Higher education data research firm Optimal has launched OnlineU, who calculated a 10-year ROI score to highlight college and university online degrees that produce the best financial results for graduates.

The ranking assesses colleges based on salaries and alumni debt reported to the government.

To disrupt the $ 1.6 trillion owed in college loans, prospective students must make investment decisions based on return on investment rather than seeking the emotional experience and rite of passage, Optimal Founder and CEO Sang Rhee said.

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“The pandemic has dramatically accelerated the growth of online learning and brought us into territory where there is not yet a lot of qualitative or quantitative information,” said Rhee. “OnlineU seeks to fill this gap… so that students can verify the value and outcome of their choices rather than playing guesswork. “

OnlineU’s rankings also include the specific annual online tuition fees for each school.

“As student debt continues to grow exponentially and finances are strained due to COVID-19, many people are asking ‘is education worth it right now? “” said Rhee. “By showing the salary and debt you can expect 10 years after graduation, we can help prospective students answer this question.”

Here’s a look at the top 10, along with annual tuition fees and their OnlineU ROI score:

  1. University of Virginia: $ 14,640, 98.9%
  2. Northeastern University: $ 16,230, 97.6%
  3. Excelsior College: $ 15,300, 96.9%
  4. Capella University: $ 9,600, 94.8%
  5. SUNY Empire State College: $ 10,943, 94.7%
  6. University of Alaska Anchorage: $ 25,440, 94.3%
  7. Roger Williams University: $ 12,990, 92.9%
  8. Thomas Edison State University: $ 9,278, 92.1%
  9. Rider University: $ 45,120, 89.9%
  10. Colorado State University around the world: $ 10,500, 89%

Rankings also follow the most popular online graduate degrees and online undergraduate majors, which include art and design, business, education, engineering, nursing, and psychology. .

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