New Hanover County Schools Launches Online College and Career Readiness Program Called Xello

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) — To prepare students for life after high school, schools in New Hanover County have launched a new college and career readiness program.

The program is called Xello.

“The software helps students bridge the gap between education and the real world, as well as pursue their interests based on pathways offered in the district,” NHCS officials said in a press release. “The program is tailored to individual student responses on assessments, inventories and reflections, making the learning experience more meaningful. Xello will be used by middle and high school teachers, career development coordinators, special populations coordinators, and counselors.

School system officials say key strengths of Xello include:

  • Interactive and engaging lessons to help students develop 21st century skills.
  • Student reporting and feedback functionality that enables CTE staff and advisors to better understand and meet each student’s academic and professional needs as they work on their ePortfolios.
  • PowerSchool and NCEd Account Login: Xello resides in each student’s account, making the login process simple and easy to find and use.
  • The lesson planning feature seamlessly connects to PowerSchool, resulting in improved planning efficiency that allows advisors to spend more time with each student and better understand next steps to ensure alignment of the course.
  • College planning: Many tools facilitate and track post-secondary outcomes.

“It’s for that individual student,” said Shemeka Shufford, director of CTE for the NHCS. “So a student walks in and engages with their profile. They complete an interest inventory, a skills inventory, personal learning styles, personal styles. So basically that means Xello captures all of that student. And based on student responses, aligns that student with career groups that are primarily valued or geared toward their interests.

Shufford recognizes that students’ interests change as they age, but Xello adapts to that.

“They can go on a summer internship,” Shufford said. “They can volunteer at a local hospital and wonder what kinds of options are [they have] in this particular area. So as they enroll in our schools and not just in their core courses, the CTE courses, they are even able to adapt their interests in this portal to achieve their end goal.

Xello helps students prepare for college.

“The Course Planner allows students to identify exactly what they need to graduate,” Shufford said. “Once they hit Grade 12, they’ll know all the classes they need to take, but more importantly, students can go online, take virtual college tours, and walk through a campus and learn about the conditions. ‘admission.

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