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Ncell, the private telecommunications operator, has worked with two of the private school associations (PABSON and NPBASAN) to offer a monthly student package for easy online learning. The special monthly plan targets students and teachers to complete online classes in this COVID-19 pandemic. As schools are closed across the country, they are required to conduct classes online using the Internet. Find the details of the Ncell Student offer for e-learning data and the communication package.

The National Association of Private Schools and Boarding Schools of Nepal (NPABSAN) and the Organization of Private Schools and Boarding Schools of Nepal (PABSON) are two of the renowned private school organizations in Nepal. They signed an agreement (MoU) to use Ncell’s mobile data for the connectivity required for online courses. The introduced monthly plan will provide affordable and easy mobile broadband for students, teachers and schools.

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What is in the Ncell Student plan?

Ncell’s offer for students includes a special SIM card with a combined voice, data and SMS package. There are three student plans for eLearning offers that you can also activate in the current SIM card. Let’s talk about the basic package called Student diet A. It includes 20 GB of data per month for online learning using apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. This large data package is fit for students, teachers to attend online courses for a long time. The other data package is 3 GB of data (1 GB in 3G / 4G network and 2 GB in 4G network). Find the latest data packages in Ncell and choose the best / affordable one among them.

Likewise, the other packages of the Student package A are 120 minutes of conversation per day within the CUG network, 50 minutes of conversation on the network per month and 50 SMS within Ncell per month. The CUG network refers to the school’s closed user group, in which students, teachers and staff are associated. The cost of the special package including all the above mentioned packages is Rs 250 per month, excluding taxes. 13% VAT and 13% TSC apply in the three student plans.

Summary of the Ncell e-learning offer

Here is the summary of Ncell’s student plan A, for students engaged in one of the school’s networks. The offer is the same for all school networks like PABSON, NPABSAN and HISSAN.

  • 20 GB of data to use for online courses via Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.
  • 3 GB of regular data (1 GB in 3G / 4G network and 2 GB in 4G network)
  • 120-minute call per day within the CUG network
  • 50 minutes of on-net calling per month
  • 50 on-net SMS per month
  • Package cost: Rs 319.23 per month (all taxes included)

Summary of student plan B

  • Another pack of Rs 446.92 (all taxes included) provides the same 20 GB of data for e-learning. CUG calls, 100 minutes of on-net calls, 50 SMS. In addition, there is 6 GB of additional data (2 GB in 3G / 4G and 4 GB in 4G network). Likewise, you get 25 minute off-grid calls and 10 off-grid texts with this pack.

Summary of Student Plan C

  • Rs 702.3 package includes all data, voice, SMS in the basic package, with 12 GB of data (4 GB in 3G / 4G, 8 GB in 4G network). You also get 250 minute network calls and 100 network SMS. Non-network calls and non-network SMS also increase to 50.

All plans are for one month and it happens every month. You must therefore have a sufficient balance for the monthly rental of the subscription.

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How to subscribe to the Ncell Student package?

Students, teachers and staff can take Ncell’s Special Student Plan. To get the offer, they must take a letter of recommendation from these organizations for their school. They can take out the special SIM card under the name of the institution or under their own name according to their choice.

  • If you are a prepaid user, you can activate the plan yourself by dialing * 17149 # and select one of three different plans. While for the activation of the CUG service you need the recommendation of the respective institution.
  • They need the cell phone number and name details in the school header to [email protected].
  • But for the postpaid user, you must go to the nearest Ncell center to activate the student package in your SIM card.

Pradeep Shrivastava, Commercial Director of Ncell, expresses his pleasure to partner with PABSON and NPABSAN to contribute to the digital learning and education sector in Nepal. As COVID-19 has affected all sectors, including the education sector, such a monthly offering will help people acclimate to the new normal that has emerged from the pandemic.

These private school organizations have found the monthly package to help students learn remotely with digital apps. NPABSAN President Ritu Raj Sapkota expressed his joy in partnering with Ncell for this special monthly plan. He believes the plan will help connect their students to teachers for online learning, until the school remains closed.

Likewise, Tikaram Puri, president of PABSON, said the collaboration will support schools for increased use of virtual learning amid the pandemic.

Previously, Ncell had collaborated with the HISSAN network for this type of similar offer. It appears that Ncell is aiming to meet the connectivity needs of schools for digital classrooms. This now has great potential due to the closure of schools and the popular acceptance of digital platforms for learning like the government’s Sikai Chautari.

Tell us what you think of the partnership between Ncell and Private School for the bundle offer. Is the volume of mobile data included in the offer sufficient for your regular and digital use of the platform? Please comment below.

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