National eLearning Day 2022: History, Meaning and Activities

We’ve all seen the real benefits of e-learning during the recent pandemic, and you might have been surprised at how much e-learning has revolutionized the way we learn, if you hadn’t not skip your most important classes during the pandemic. However, National e-Learning Day is celebrated annually on September 15 with the aim of showcasing and promoting the benefits of e-learning. The rapid digitization of the world has enabled millions of underprivileged students to acquire knowledge and skills and move forward in their lives with better positions. However, this is just the beginning as the resources of the internet have the potential to educate the whole world with a better education.

Event National e-learning day
Date September 15, 2022
Day Thursday
Importance Promotes awareness of e-learning and its benefits
Observed by United States


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National E-Learning Day: History

The 21st century has brought massive changes to the world of education; we no longer need to be present in traditional classrooms. While digitization all over the world has helped bring millions of users online, enabling them to educate themselves and keep up to date with the world on a daily basis. However, this was not always the case.

In the 1950s, television and slide projectors were the primary means of accessing digital education and visualizing the concept well; However, it was not until 1960 that students at the University of Illinois in the United States began to learn from computer terminals interconnected to form a network.

The internet was widely available in 1983 and the University of Toronto was the first academic institution to offer the first online course on the internet. In the early 1990s, the Open University in Britain launched one of the first online distance learning programs worldwide.

National E-Learning Day was created in 2016 to celebrate the online education community as a whole and to make online learning easier for all students.

National eLearning Day: Meaning

E-learning plays an important role in the world of education today as it has enabled millions of students to acquire education through various channels and learn new skills every day. .

If we talk about the benefits of online learning, the list is endless. From flexible learning schedules to aiding the conceptual visualization provided by online resources, online learning has benefited students in various ways. One of the biggest advantages of online learning is affordability, as it is very difficult for everyone to afford extra tuition outside of normal school or university hours in the expensive world. of today. Replaying lesson videos also helps weak or average students understand the concepts they are learning.

While the new online learning environments had helped many people to complete or obtain additional degrees or simply to improve their skills, while managing their day-to-day responsibilities or their jobs. In light of this, spreading awareness about this wonderful technology is a wonderful way to celebrate National E-Learning Day.


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National e-Learning Day: Activities

You can participate in a variety of activities to support the national event.

1. Start your online learning journey: Still waiting for advice? Simply follow your passion for learning new skills and improving yourself, and start your online journey today by enrolling in a course or improving your skills in an area that interests you.

2. Raise awareness of the day via social networks: You can simply spread the word about the day around the world by sharing it on social media platforms and encouraging others to join the revolution.

3. Look for better courses: There are millions of things available online, but you have to do some research to narrow down and select the best course within your budget, where you can also check reviews or personal opinions of students on platforms like Quora.

National E-Learning Day: FAQs

1. When is National E-Learning Day celebrated?

National E-Learning Day is observed on September 15 every year in the United States.

2. What is the significance of National e-Learning Day?

We celebrate National E-Learning Day every year to raise awareness of the benefits of e-learning.

3. How can I participate in National E-Learning Day?

You can simply participate in the national event by raising awareness and improving your skills through e-learning.

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