Morocco’s first online university TV channel offers training opportunities



“The channel provided us with practical training opportunities after years of university study.”

Mohamed anfalous A master’s student

Mohamed Anfalous, a master’s student in Media Professions and Practices, also welcomed the launch of the channel.

“The channel offered us practical training opportunities after years of university study,” he said. “What we learn here will undoubtedly help us later when we enter the workforce. ” (See a related article, “Teaching journalism in the Arab world: challenges and lost opportunities. ”)

Enrich students’ professional careers

The switch to distance learning was not easy, especially since it was essential in an emergency situation and without prior preparation. (See a related article, “The shift to online education in the Arab world intensifies inequalities. ”) However, the continued spread of the pandemic has prompted education officials in Morocco to think about developing methods of teaching and communicating with students.

“The pandemic has been an important opportunity for us to create a new model of communication” with students and the public, and “to create a new space that provides the opportunity for our masters and doctorates. students in the disciplines of media and communication to train and prove their skills in a practical way, ”said Omar Abdo, coordinator of the master’s program in Media Professions and Practices.

The assembly line work of students will enrich their future career paths, he added.

Currently, the channel broadcasts through the Internet and social media applications, reaching popularity in order to reach the new generation of students joining Moroccan universities. Its founders hope that the channel will take its place among satellite channels in the future.

“We have great ambition to broadcast via satellite in the future,” Belkadi said. “This would broaden the dissemination of culture and knowledge and further develop the skills of students. “


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