Majority of first semester exams will be conducted online, University of Malta confirms

The University of Malta has just confirmed that more than two-thirds of exams scheduled for the end of the first semester will take place online.

This comes as students ask for exams to be moved online due to the current COVID-19 situation.

“This is primarily done to minimize disruption to assessment due to absences caused by quarantine obligations,” the University wrote in a press release.

“Last year, most exams were also held online through the use of WISEflow due to the impact of COVID-19,” he explained.

The exams are due to start on January 24 and continue until February 12.

While some modules are assessed by assignments, many require exams, with a total of 976 different exams to be administered over the course of three weeks at the University.

“700 of them will be on distance while the rest will be on campus,” he said.

The University also announced that it has arranged for students who miss physical exams due to quarantine to be offered an alternative session or alternative assessment method, no later than three weeks after the first examination.

“Final year students who may miss going to university to take an exam due to quarantine will also benefit from a special session,” he explained.

The university has also expressed its commitment to identifying ways and means to enable all students to take their exams and complete their first semester study units with minimal disruption.

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