Maharashtra government launches free online study module for medical students returning to Ukraine – Edexlive

All about the course | (Photo: Edexlive)

An online course has been designed by the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences especially for students who have returned from war-torn Ukraine and had to interrupt their studies. The three-month course was launched by the government of Maharashtra on April 7, Thursday.

Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), which is headquartered in Nashik, along with private entity Elsevier, designed the digital content for the course.

State Medical Education Minister Amit Deshmukh and MUHS Vice Chancellor Lt. Gen. Madhuri Kanitkar (Retired) launched the free study module, according to a report by the PTI news agency.

This is a voluntary course for students who have returned from Ukraine. The Vice Chancellor clarified that this was only a temporary arrangement for students as they do not have access to education at the moment.

A mobile application has also been developed by the MUHS, in particular for the e-learning module. Students will be able to download the app to their phone and use the course materials, the VC said.

Students who are inclined to take this course will need to register on the MUHS portal and no fees will be charged, she explained.

Deshmukh mentioned that this module will be useful for Indian students who came back from Ukraine and they should surely take advantage of it.

“As this course has been developed as an interim arrangement, there will be no particular benefit from this course for students,” said Amit Modi, a senior officer at Elsevier.


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