LaunchWell, a new online college preparation program developed by leading child development specialists, prepares students for social, emotional, academic and time management challenges and to thrive in life. Higher Education


BETHESDA, MD., Aug 11, 2020 / PRNewswire / – The New LaunchWell â„¢ Online College Preparation Program, Designed by a Team of Child Development Specialists and Experienced Therapists at Metropolitan Counseling Associates Outside Washington DC for use in their practice, is now available online for every student. The program combines tools and techniques that have been used for over a decade in the successful treatment of hundreds of young adults. Assessments, easy-to-read skill modules, and resources for planning ahead are now available online. LaunchWell â„¢ provides the foundation for evidence-based self-awareness, knowledge and life skills that all students need to manage independence, responsibilities, stress and the challenges they face. university.

The sharp increase in independence and responsibilities at university as well as a sharp increase in social and academic challenges lead many students to be overwhelmed by stress, anxiety and depression. Additional stressors and challenges for students and parents due to the COVID-19 pandemic are increasing the need for students to have effective skills and strategies to manage their health and school obligations.

Studies show that a significant number of students develop mood and behavior problems that interfere with academic and social success and, in some cases, lead to health issues that lead to student dropout. According to a recent study from the Journal of Adolescent Health, depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide planning and attempts among college students have increased, if not doubled, over the past decade. The 2018 National College Health Assessment released by ACHA reports that 63% of students have experienced tremendous anxiety in the past year. A NAMI survey of students who dropped out of school found that 64 percent of them dropped out because of a mental illness. The implications and uncertainties of COVID-19 related to distance learning and social distancing will dramatically increase stress and challenge students’ existing coping skills this fall.

“There is tremendous focus and pressure to help high school students get the right grades, high SAT scores, solid extracurricular activities, and compelling essays they need to be admitted to the university of their choice.” . However, there is not enough attention given to preparing to succeed once there and eventually graduate, ”said Rebecca kullback, co-founder of LaunchWell and Metropolitan Counseling Associates. “High school graduation, not demonstrated readiness, is used to determine when students are entering college. For many students, the absence of significant academic, social, behavioral, and mood issues in high school is mistaken for their ability to manage and resolve them. Although structured school and recreation programs, parental involvement and reliance on technology further mask essential skills deficits. We know that today’s teens miss out on the important learning moments needed to build confidence, resilience, persistence, and courage. Yet we collectively forget when we drop them off in their dormitory wave goodbye and expect them to demonstrate otherwise. And when you add in the challenges to education presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to make sure students are prepared. “


The LaunchWell â„¢ online college preparation program, which costs a one-time fee of $ 149 is available for download here:

The program provides an evidence-based foundation of self-awareness, knowledge and life skills, which have been shown to be essential for achieving academic achievement, relationship satisfaction, college health and well-being and all. throughout life. Enrolled students connect from any browser to over 70 short, dynamic, easy-to-read, self-paced lessons designed to be completed in three hours. They also receive emails with up-to-date research, strategies, and tools to boost learning, self-care, and success. The program prepares students for:

  • Improve problem solving skills
  • Understand the biological, personality and learning differences that impact mood and behavior
  • Develop individualized learning and study strategies
  • Improve goal-setting strategies and goal-oriented behaviors
  • Identify the strengths and challenges that have an impact on task management and academic success
  • Develop effective social, communication and conflict management skills
  • Learn to manage stress, reduce anxiety and cope with difficult emotions
  • Plan ahead to manage physical health, medical emergencies, sleep, hygiene, meals, transportation, and other important daily requirements
  • Develop personalized strategies to manage time, schedules, schoolwork and personal care


  • LaunchWell â„¢, the costs $ 149 and can be downloaded from:
  • Free media reviews are available upon request
  • Images of LaunchWell â„¢, including sample lessons and assessments, can be downloaded at:
  • Video interviews with Rebecca kullback, co-founder of Metropolitan Counseling Associates and co-founder of LaunchWell â„¢ can be downloaded here:


The COVID-19 pandemic amplifies the vital need for students to be prepared for the social, academic, organizational and health challenges that come with attending college, according to Kullback.

“The loss, uncertainty and social isolation caused by COVID-19 make it even more important to provide students with the knowledge and skills to deal with stress and unfamiliar challenges,” Kullback said. “The best scenarios this fall will involve a predictable increase in physical and mental health risks. We already know that mental health is a public health crisis for students. Almost 40% of students report anxiety or depression issues that interfere with school. . Eight to 11% consider suicide and only 15% seek help. We would never send our children to school without information, plans and behavioral strategies to reduce the potential risk of COVID-19. How can we enable them to cope with the known risk of serious mood and behavior problems without the same proactive attention? “

About LaunchWell

The LaunchWell â„¢ program is the culmination of over fifteen years of qualitative research, observational studies, collaboration, direct service, program development and consultation at Metropolitan Counseling Associates in Bethesda, Maryland. Our interdisciplinary team of therapists, educators, psychiatrists and child development specialists work with hundreds of adolescents, young adults and families each year. Passionate about mental health prevention and quality care, our team strives to provide evidence-based, effective and cost-effective mental health and education services to improve the health and well-being of our clients. and the community in general.

SOURCE Metropolitan Counseling Associates

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