Keysight Launches Industry-Ready Remote Access Lab Solution for Online Learning



Article by: Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight’s remote access lab solution accelerates an educator’s teaching experience and supports a student’s learning experience.

Keysight Technologies Inc. has launched a remote access lab solution designed for online learning through remote setup of a basic instrument lab. It includes web-based laboratory management and planning administration, as well as instrument control and remote access for measurement and analysis.

Blended learning in education is now widely accepted, creating a strong need for distance solutions to complement classroom learning. The availability of online courses and distance learning provides students with flexibility that requires educational institutions to transform to keep pace.

Keysight’s industry-ready remote access lab solution enables university education labs to seamlessly transition to online learning. It allows students to remotely access a lab setup and perform lab work through the web browser.

Keysight’s remote access lab solution includes the following key components:

  • PathWave cloud-based remote access lab software, an LTI learning tool certified by IMS Global and ready for learning management system (LMS) integration, provides students with one-stop, secure and simultaneous remote lab and instrument control, anytime, anywhere, while allowing teachers to manage access to student labs, systematically maintain lab benches, and monitor multiple sessions remote laboratory.
  • PathWave Lab Manager software provides simplified, centralized lab setup and asset management, in addition to enabling massive firmware updates for instruments.
  • The U3900DAQ switching system covers a wide range of switching and routing requirements for educational labs, providing students with full remote access to industry standard instruments for hands-on test and measurement experience.

“Keysight’s remote access lab solution accelerates the shift from traditional in-building learning to blended learning, where virtual courses are delivered remotely on digital platforms,” said Boon Juan Tan, vice-president President and CEO of Keysight’s General Electronics Measurement business. “Keysight’s new solution enables our customers to take distance education and learning to the next level of digital transformation, enabling students to move from traditional teaching and simulations to a real distance learning experience.

Keysight’s remote access lab solution accelerates a teacher’s teaching experience and supports a student’s learning experience, delivering the following key benefits:

  • Easily and seamlessly migrate online engineering labs with the elements needed to transform traditional classroom teaching and hands-on labs into a remote environment.
  • Centralized, hassle-free user access and an educational content management system with LMS integration allow educators and students to seamlessly navigate to academic resources, creating a smooth, consistent and better teaching-learning experience.
  • Equip students for success by connecting to industrial-grade test and measurement instruments, allowing students to experience the software and technology they will use in their careers.
  • Allows educators to interact with students and facilitate real-time group collaboration to accomplish intelligent teaching and learning.
  • Streamline and simplify lab management, freeing up lab administrators and teachers to focus on teaching with centralized control to seamlessly connect, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot instruments within the lab .

University of California, Santa Barbara Selects Keysight’s New Industry-Ready Remote Access Lab Solution for New Photonics Lab

The University of California at Santa Barbara, a leading education and research center, has selected Keysight’s new remote access lab solution to migrate its undergraduate photonics lab online.

“The Keysight industry-ready remote access lab solution was integral to our Q1 launch of our undergraduate photonics lab, providing a seamless way to connect a true hands-on lab with participating students remotely.” said Daniel Blumenthal, professor, electrical and computer engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara. “This solution provided an organized hub through which students can attend remotely and engage in lessons. The control of the lab’s computers and instruments, combined with a video call with the lab’s educational assistance, made it an integrated active learning experience.

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