Kerela CM Warns Against Strict Measures Against Those Who Abuse Online Study Platforms



Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said on Tuesday that although digital school education has been a big hit in the state during the pandemic period, there have been attempts to abuse study platforms online children for antisocial activities and warned against strict measures against such cybercrimes. .

Although the cyber sector has several positive aspects, it is now being misused by anti-social elements to commit crimes and deceive children, he told the National Assembly.

“One of those interventions has been hacking online courses by creating fake IDs and uploading obscene conversations and videos to (social media) groups that children, teachers and parents are members of. What we need is to provide uncompromising security, ”he said.

Vijjayan was responding to a submission from IPC (M) lawmaker Sachin Dev on the recent attempt by certain special interests to interfere with online children’s study platforms.

Although the state government has limited control over many online platforms, as the majority of them are made overseas, every possible step has been taken to regulate these crimes, a he declared.

Stating that the police received 51 such complaints in this regard during the current academic year, the chief minister said a total of eight cases have been registered after verifying the information received and the investigation is progressing.

It is only through rigorous awareness that children can be made aware of such dangers and “this requires our collective effort,” he said.

He also detailed various measures taken by the state police to tackle cybercrime at different levels, especially against children and other vulnerable groups in society.


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