InfluxData Creates Online University to Train Developers in Time Series Data

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San Francisco-based InfluxData this month launched its educational platform for customers and developers working with time-series data. InfluxDB University (InfluxDB U) includes on-demand and live courses taught by InfluxData instructors and industry experts.

These courses, provided free of charge, are intended for developers who need technical skills to create applications with InfluxDB.

“Delivered through an intuitive learning platform, InfluxDB University courses offer technical resources and teach best practices to reduce the time and effort required to build real-time applications,” said Brian Mullen, Chief Marketing Officer, InfluxData.

This platform is built on IBL Education technology. [IBL is the parent company of the IBL News service]

Students can attend weekly trainings and workshops led by instructors who answer questions live during the sessions. Alternatively, participants can select on-demand, self-paced courses if they prefer an independent learning experience.

“InfluxDB University removes many common barriers to building applications with time series data”, said Dr. Angelo Fausti, software engineer at the Vera C. Rubin Observatory.

Early introductory courses at InfluxDB University include InfluxDB Cloud, Telegraf, and the Flux query language. Additional courses will cover advanced topics around InfluxDB Enterprise and building IoT applications with InfluxDB.

InfluxData guarantees that it will continue to add new courses and expand course content as new products and features are introduced to InfluxDB.

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