Immediate regret! 3 in 4 experience buyer’s remorse after shopping online

NEW YORK – Is your latest online purchase doomed to gather dust? A new survey suggests that a majority of shoppers regret the things they order online.

The survey of 2,000 American adults found that 74% had experienced “buyer’s remorse” after purchasing items online. Some common regrets include feeling the item was less valuable than expected (39%), not using it as often as expected (34%), and spending too much money in the first place (32%).

Many respondents attribute their shopping experience to good advertising (43%), cheap prices (43%) and availability – which includes the fact that they come in a color they like (42 %).

I made a big mistake…

Commissioned by Slickdeals and led by OnePoll, the study found that 73% of people owned up to 15 items they no longer liked. These unfortunate purchases include electronics that died too soon in use, clothing that didn’t fit, counterfeit designer sneakers, uncomfortable pet beds, and even ill-fitting face masks.

Respondents also admitted that they put their unfortunate online purchases somewhere where they knew they would never see them again (45%). Others prefer to gift these items to someone they know (40%) or return them (39%).

Almost six in ten people also admitted to shopping online while intoxicated, with 83% of drunk shoppers usually buying something “stupid or frivolous”.

“The convenience of buying almost anything from the comfort of home is hard to beat, but there are mistakes to avoid,” Louie Patterson, personal finance manager at Slickdeals, said in a statement. “Always check shipping, return policies and fees before ordering. Also beware of hard-to-find items being sold online for more than MSRP. Some sellers are taking advantage of the temporary shortage by raising prices during the duration of the shortage.

Online shoppers regret — and “forget”

While most people regretted their online purchases, 63% experienced something just as disappointing – completely forgetting they had ordered something online until it showed up on their doorstep.

The average respondent has ordered eight items that they have forgotten in the past year. Almost nine in 10 (88%) were surprised when their order finally arrived. More than half of Americans (56%) said they couldn’t remember what they ordered before opening the package.

The survey also found that the average person experienced five weeks of shipping delays between ordering something online and having it delivered.

Almost two in five (38%) who experienced delivery delays say it was because their purchases were out of stock. The same percentage of people saw an item misplaced during shipping, and 36% had their item shipped to the wrong place by accident.

Meanwhile, three out of five people have had a package mysteriously missing or stolen during shipping. Seventy-two percent of shoppers who have experienced delivery delays say they don’t mind and think the wait is usually worth it.

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