IICP Students Write Success Stories Through Online Learning | Calcutta News


Calcutta: While the emphasis has been on online courses in mainstream schools, here children with cerebral palsy face varying degrees of difficulty, ranging from speech impairment to lack of motor control. They also worked in silence alongside them and after 20 months, they are able to write success stories.
When the Center for Special Education, which is the school operated by the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP), closed due to the pandemic and the students They were told to stay home, no one was sure that the education of these children would also stop because virtual learning needed the gadget bridge. However, today IICP is happy because these children have shown an unusual talent for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops that they use daily for their online lessons.
Like ordinary school students, these children are also connected through WhatsApp groups, where study materials, notes, and videos are shared by teachers. “We will have to see to believe the eagerness with which our paralyzed students got down to smart phones.
Initially, these kids needed their parents to guide them, but now, after 20 months, kids have mastered the art of typing messages and dialing numbers to call teachers if they’re a few times late. minutes in class, ”said the school principal. , Susrita Pradhan.
Educators here felt that since many children use computers as part of their vocational training from an early age – it helps them communicate even when their speech is not clear or their motor skills are underdeveloped – they were able to cope with virtual classes. .
“As they don’t have to go to school and come back and save a lot of time and exhaustion, given their physical challenges, they manage virtual classrooms even better,” said deputy principal Suchetana Mukherjee . Attendance is close to 100% (unlike regular schools where attendance-related absenteeism has been a problem) and children eagerly await classes – their only connection to the outside world.
Kids like Ankush Majhi, Diganta Nagand Srija Sinha are now mastering the art of creative performance and regularly uploading videos on their own, the teachers said. The school successfully organized a five-day summer camp, where the children did experiments and even did some magic.


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