How to juggle online college with work and kids.


Build on your support networks.

It’s undeniable study online can sometimes be a difficult task to manage.

However, Liz said Mama mia that she felt extremely well supported at Charles Darwin University.

She spoke with great affection about the wonderful online community the university fosters and how important it is for her to have this outlet to voice her questions, concerns and struggles.

“When you are an online student, you fear that you will feel very isolated. But I found out that we have this wonderful online community through Facebook groups and got to know a lot of my peers.

“We can exchange experiences about each other, whether it’s’ I was sick, my kid has this’ or ‘How the hell am I going to get through this? ”

“It’s just reassuring to know that everyone is going through the same or similar things in this juggling to achieve their goal.”

Liz also said that she has developed a great relationship with the academic staff of Charles Darwin University, and loved their 24/7 technical and academic support.

“Anytime I messaged a speaker or tutor they always followed up with a phone call or email and that just gives you support. ”

Embrace the chaos and support each other.

Liz encourages people in a similar situation to her who might still be close to studying.

“It was me: I pushed him away for 20 years.”

But her feeling of pure excitement when she was accepted into the LLB program certainly reassured her that she had made the right decision. Even though she doesn’t know when she will continue her work in law, Liz is confident in the skills and knowledge she has acquired.

His last message for those who are embarking on juggling family, or a lifestyle full of other commitments: to start small and support each other.

“Make a topic, maybe 8 or 10 hours a week (you probably spend that watching TV or scrolling anyway!).

“If you really want to do it, you absolutely can. Don’t think you’re not smart enough. Don’t put it off and don’t doubt yourself because there is a good chance you can. . “

If Liz’s story means anything, it’s that it’s possible to balance work, kids, and school and come out on the other side after you’ve achieved your education goal. And more specifically, it can be an extremely rewarding experience.

That you thought law is your true vocation, or if your instinct leans more towards the pursuit feeding with milk, engineering, education, social work Where environmental sciences, this may be your sign.

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