Higher education and online learning

Custom content from the Los Angeles Business Journal

Education is one of the topics that concern many of our readers. They want to explore the benefits of a graduate degree for themselves or their employees. They want to know the latest trends in MBAs, masters and what is studied. And they want to know what higher education institutions are doing to stand out from the competition.

This special supplement to the Los Angeles Business Journal examines some of the region’s top executive education programs that take local professionals to the next level of excellence, while delving into some of the trends affecting the education landscape and how – thanks to innovative programs such as online learning platforms – schools prepare professionals to withstand and overcome challenges and unforeseen circumstances such as the global pandemic and economic obstacles.

In this supplement:

A creative education supported by powerful academics
If you’re serious about your future and want to learn from the best and most accomplished minds in the world… Read more

Riverside Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson applies her training every day
Sworn in as the city’s mayor in 2020, Dawson has pursued a strong agenda to bring resources to the city as it juggles demands… Read more

Survey finds adaptations in education are fueled by technology
The Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) recently announced the results of its survey of the 2021 EMBAC Membership Program… Read more

Paving the way for remote learning
Founded in 1891, the University of La Verne is a private, not-for-profit, comprehensive institution founded on four core values… Read more

Redefining Excellence in Online Learning
In today’s rapidly changing workplace, an increasing number of roles and responsibilities intersect with legal issues more than ever… Read more

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