Florida students reap the benefits of online learning

Contrary to popular belief, an online education offers many students benefits that they would not have enjoyed in a traditional school. And I’m an example: I’m a student at Florida Virtual School, and online learning has given me a personalized education and skills that I’ll use long after I graduate.

The flexibility of online learning has allowed me to create a schedule that meets my needs and I can progress with my individual lessons at the pace that suits me best. During this time, my teachers at Florida Virtual School provided me with an incredible support system – and I was able to complete some classes earlier than scheduled.

There are countless positive things I will take away from my experience with online learning, but one of the most important is the strong skill set I was able to develop. There is no doubt that online learning has helped students like me to become independent and mature, and it will ultimately prepare us well for higher education and the job market.

For example, I learned the importance of time management as a Florida Virtual School student, and also learned to embrace the sense of responsibility and self-discipline needed to carry out my academic work.

This fall, when I leave for college, I won’t have to worry about falling behind in my studies anymore – and the reason is because online learning has taught me how to progress.

Aria Mori is a 12th grade student at Florida Virtual School. She resides in Sarasota.

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