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What will classes at colleges and universities in Snohomish County look like this fall?

Cascadia College expects a return of 43% from face-to-face classes. Everett Community College estimates the percentage of in-person teaching to be between 35% and 40%, while Washington State University Everett is preparing for an all-in-person schedule.

Cathy Leaker, vice president of education at EvCC, said the college will continue to offer a large number of hybrid and online courses and expand weekend and evening course offerings.

“We are trying not to lose the lessons of the pandemic,” Leaker said. “Our students need flexibility.

During the pandemic, students with children, full-time jobs and other commitments discovered the convenience of distance learning, Leaker said. “Students flock to our online sections. I can’t imagine a time when we will come back 100% in person, it will not meet the needs of the students. “

Under the new state COVID-19 higher education guidelines, all colleges and universities are required to collect information about a student’s vaccination status. As a result, vaccinations, masks, and social distancing policies at each facility may vary this fall.

So before you pack your bag of books, check each college or university’s websites for updates.

Everett Community College

Everett Community College will be offering four types of courses this fall:

Completely face-to-face course with safety precautions, masks and social distancing; hybrid courses, a combination of in-person instruction with safety precautions and online courses; live lessons with scheduled connection times; and online courses that don’t require specific login hours unless their instructor requests it.

Still, the fall schedule is preliminary. EvCC may add more face-to-face or hybrid classes when the final fall class schedule appears in late July, so check out the college’s website.

STEM classes and classes with labs or a hands-on component are expected to make a full comeback, said vice president of instruction Leaker.

Expect the class size to be smaller. Instead of a 30 student cap for most courses, the fall cap will be closer to 17 or 18, Leaker said.

Based on the new state guidelines, EvCC plans to require vaccinations this fall, with exemptions for medical, religious or personal reasons.

At the time of this writing, masks are mandatory and students and faculty are required to maintain a physical distance of three feet, although some programs, such as nursing, may be exempt. However, EvCC is still in the process of drafting its fall policies, so check the school’s website for updates.

Washington Everett State University

The university plans to host mostly face-to-face classes this fall. “In-person learning is back,” said Randy Bolerjack, WSU spokesperson Everett.

“We are delighted to see our students for in-person lessons. There will be ongoing guidance from the governor and our friends in Snohomish Health District, but we are preparing for a full trial, ”Bolerjack said.

Vaccinations will be compulsory, with exceptions for medical, religious or personal reasons. Those who do not wish to confirm their immunization status should wear a face covering unless they are alone in a room and must maintain a physical distance of six feet at all times. WSU will accept a CDC vaccination card, a photo of a CDC card, documentation from a health care provider, or a state vaccination record as proof of vaccination.

Edmonds College

More than half of the fall courses at Edmonds College in Lynnwood will be either in-person or hybrid, a mix of in-person and online courses. The rest will be online. Student support services will be in person. The Library, Learning Support Center, and Learning Resource Center will be open, but appointments may be required for some services.

“We will also continue to provide virtual appointments and opportunities for students,” said Laura Daniali, associate director of marketing and public information at the college.

“Our decisions regarding social distancing will be based on state health guidelines and the government’s specific plan Inslee for higher education institutions,” Daniali said.

“Currently, we are following the six-foot social distancing guidelines and requiring face coverings on campus until the summer term,” Daniali said. “We will re-evaluate as we get closer to the fall term.”

Cascadia College

Some 43% of college courses will be face-to-face or hybrid courses with an in-person component, said Meagan Walker, external vice president. Most in-person classes will be held Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

“We are focused on offering our hands-on courses such as in-person computer and science labs. Many of our math classes will also be face-to-face, ”Walker said. The rest of the college classes will take place virtually.

Cascadia College in Bothell will require students to document vaccines, but will allow exceptions for medical, religious and philosophical reasons, Walker said. The college is still in the process of drafting a proof of vaccination policy. “We are currently working with our employee unions on vaccine requirements,” Walker said.

Cascadia can enact a mask requirement. “If we decide to require masks, it is out of caution given the rise of highly contagious and dangerous variants,” Walker said.

Social distancing is not required.

Washington Bothell University

UW Bothell anticipates a return to largely face-to-face teaching in the fall.

The university’s current masking, distancing, ability and other requirements for the “Healthy Washington” Phase 3 guidelines remain in effect. The University of Washington system is working to update the policies listed on uw.edu/coronavirus based on formal guidance from the governor’s office on reopening higher education, the spokesperson for UW Bothell, Maria Lamarca Anderson.

Students, faculty and staff will need to verify that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 before the start of the fall term, unless they are claiming a medical, religious or philosophical exemption. “We will be making an announcement with more details later this month,” said Lamarca Anderson.

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