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It’s no secret that quality education is still out of reach for millions of people, especially in developing countries. The difficult economic situation in the world further exacerbates this problem. The lack of sufficient schools and colleges is also causing a migration crisis as everyone moves to ‘first world’ countries in search of a better life. But, curiously, the global coronavirus pandemic initiated the solution to this problem.

Online education is becoming more and more popular and as a result more and more people have access to educational resources.

Ability to attend educational institutions online

Online courses have become commonplace for many people in the modern world. Many universities and colleges offer students the opportunity to take courses from anywhere in the world. However, only some people believe that it is the best option to acquire the necessary knowledge for residents of developing countries, providing equal conditions for all. And advancements in technology make the process even more exciting! Let’s take a look at the most significant innovations that have changed the field of education once and for all.

VR & AR technology for presence effect

Now you can easily be anywhere in the world using a virtual reality headset. Many see this technology as entertainment applicable only to gambling and betting websites, but that’s not all of the possibilities. Thanks to the development of virtual reality and augmented reality, distance learning students can attend the conferences of their choice or participate in practical courses without leaving their homes. Such inventions stimulate interest in education and engage more learners who are genuinely excited about the latest innovations.

Wide range of educational software

In the 21st century, going to college to get a quality education is no longer necessary. A considerable number of online courses, including free ones, are in the public domain for most users. Many students have long forgotten about boring notebooks, textbooks and lectures! Just download the desired apps on the necessary topic and enjoy the process.

Nowadays, learners no longer have to spend hours in libraries since everything can be found online. The availability of a stable Internet connection is enough to receive the necessary knowledge. This has led to the fact that developing countries have the opportunity to train professionals who can then influence future development.

Prospects of online learning

The field of online education will continue to evolve and become accessible to even more people. However, developing countries still need help with issues such as lack of stable communication, necessary equipment and adequate funding for the education sector. And all these problems still need to be solved in the future. While developed states can already reap all the benefits mentioned, governments in developing countries need to implement significant changes in critical infrastructure, making high-quality technologies and learning accessible to all.

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