DetectedX will provide free access to radiology e-learning platform at Radiology Across Borders to enhance Global Charity teaching initiatives

Radiology Across Borders will promote access to DetectedX’s on-demand web-based educational platform for clinicians in developing countries to improve diagnostic accuracy

SYDNEY, October 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DetectedX announced today that it will provide free access to its online radiology learning center to Radiology Across Borders (RAB) to enhance the global charity’s educational initiatives. . DetectedX will provide access to its on-demand online educational platform to clinicians in developing countries who participate in RAB programs, specifically the International Certificate in Fundamentals of Radiology (ICRF).

Radiology Across Borders is based in Australia and focuses on teaching key clinical skills to radiologists, physicians and medical imaging personnel around the world to ensure that healthcare professionals have the knowledge and training necessary to save the lives of their patients.

DetectedX was founded to help physicians and radiologists around the world more quickly and accurately diagnose cases of breast cancer, lung cancer, and COVID-19. Designed to improve radiologists’ ability to correctly detect breast lesions in 2D and 3D mammography, online self-assessment modules have been shown to improve cancer detection by more than 34%. DetectedX intelligent interactive educational technology is currently used by over 3,000 users in over 150 countries.

DetectedX also participates in RAB’s Global IMPACT conference program. The program Improving mammography skills and clinical technique on October 22, 2022 will include speakers from the RAB, Society of Breast Imaging, University of British Columbia, and DetectedX. The company also participated in a conference in August, with doctors from around the world.

“Radiology Across Borders is delighted that DetectedX has partnered with us to provide free access to its online radiology training tool to students of our International Certificate in Fundamentals of Radiology, a one-year online course providing instruction high quality to clinicians in developing countries so that they can improve the quality of the imaging service they provide to their patients and communities.ICRF students have limited access to in-class continuing professional development but are highly motivated to develop their skills – the DetectedX self-assessment modules in breast and chest imaging will be a valuable addition to their ICRF studies,” said Alisa CowieLogistics Administrator, RAB.

“We are proud to work with Radiology Across Borders to make high-quality education available in an online and on-demand format, especially in developing countries where it is most needed. We commend their efforts to improve accuracy from diagnosis through education as a step towards improving patient care and outcomes worldwide,” said Prof. Patrick BrenanCEO of DetectedX and President, Diagnostic Imaging, the University of Sydney.

DetectedX’s innovative educational technology allows radiologists to review, in real time, an enriched cohort of 2D mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis (3D mammography) cases with varying levels of difficulty. On-demand online training modules provide immediate feedback on reading performance, comparing user classification to pathology-verified ground truth for each case.


DetectedX’s radiology online learning center, focused on diagnostic accuracy and driven by artificial intelligence, is revolutionizing disease detection in 150 countries. The on-demand online training platform has been proven to improve diagnostic accuracy of difficult cases by 34%.

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