Coast Guard Online College and Tuition Assistance

At National University, applications are reviewed throughout the year, so you can start your Coast Guard Online College courses when it suits you. Whether you register online, on base or on site, we understand that your experience as a member of the Coast Guard has provided you with valuable training. Now continue your US Coast Guard education with our 75+ degree programs and certification offerings. Whether you work at a the partner, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate, we have something for every guard.

US Coast Guard College Education

As a Coast Guard-friendly university, we are proud to offer Coast Guard service members the opportunity to earn a degree. Our month-long courses have been designed specifically for military students of all branches so you can attend class without disrupting your duties.

Coast Guard Admissions Process

Review the Coast Guard College admissions and registration process before submitting your application. For more information, contact National University Military Admissions at (877) 628-6828.

Step 1: Determine Level of Guard Tuition Assistance (Coast Guard TA)

Your first step is to contact your base’s base education office to complete a Department of Defense Tuition Assistance Application. Completing your Coast Guard Tuition Assistance form will qualify you for a degree.

Step 2: Apply online to National University

Complete the online National University registration form.

Once the TA authorization form has been completed and signed, you can fax, email or deliver the TA forms to your advisor. To ensure you get the most out of your tuition assistance, see the Financial Aid page on the National University website for more information.

Requests are processed within one week, but AT authorization will take longer to process. A verification of your registration and a welcome letter will be emailed to you once everything has been processed.

Step 3: Take Placement Tests

If you are a first-time student, you must take the ACU placement test online or on-site within the first 30 days of enrolling.

Step 4: Select your study program

Determine the degree or program that interests you. Check out our list of online programs available to take classes anywhere in the world, or check out the locations page for onsite or onsite physical location programs.

Step 5: Textbooks and course materials

Once you have submitted your registration form, received confirmation of registration, and submitted your technical support forms and payment, you can order your textbooks and other course materials online from the university bookstore. .

Coast Guard Tuition Assistance

If you serve in the U.S. Coast Guard, Education Assistance Benefits for Tuition can help you during your active duty so you can work toward your educational goals while serving your country. Just like the Navy, or Marine Corpsthe U.S. Coast Guard encourages its personnel to use this benefit at any type of educational institution, including accredited schools that offer online degrees.

The Department of Defense’s Standard Tuition Assistance (TA) program provides financial assistance for voluntary off-duty education programs in support of military members’ personal and professional development goals. The current fiscal year TA policy allows active duty military members to receive tuition assistance of $4,500 per year.

U.S. Coast Guard Tuition and Fees

As of March 1, 2022, the National University military tuition rates are as follows:

On the basic course Online course
First cycle $747 $747
Graduate $822 $981
Undergraduate (per unit trimester) $166 $166
Graduated (per unit trimester) $182.67 $218

In addition to our military tuition discount, you may be eligible to apply for veterans benefits under existing veterans programs. The National University also participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Note that some service branches have established specific guidelines or limits for their members that do not reflect standard policy. Please check with your Educational Services Manager to find out what benefits are available to you. For more information on tuition assistance, visit the DANTES website or contact our Veterans Affairs Office at (858) 541-7970 or [email protected].

Coast Guard Transfer Information

National University offers transfer-friendly degree programs to help you maximize as much of your already earned credits as possible, including college credits from other accredited institutions, professional or technical certifications, and training and military experience.
For more information on transferring to NU, contact our veterans office at (858) 541-7970 or [email protected].

National University Accreditation

The National University has been regionally accredited by the WASC Higher Colleges and Universities Commission (WSCUC) since 1977. As a regionally accredited institution, NU has met the highest standards of quality education. Learn more about our regional accreditation.

Major Coast Guard Training Programs

The National University offers a program that suits everyone! As a Coast Guard friendly university, we have students from across the country. Some of the most popular education programs selected by rangers are:

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, as a Federal Active Duty, Selective Reserve or Coast Guard employee, up to 100% of your education costs can be paid. The federal government has programs like Tuition Assistance, the GI Bill, and the Coast Guard Foundation to help guards pay for college.

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