Bristol Uni students cannot take final year exams while online university goes offline



“My exams this week are worth 90% of my final year marks… I didn’t expect anything else from university”

Bristol Uni students cannot access their final year exams because the online learning portal, Blackboard, has gone down.

The exam period started this morning at 9 a.m., with students having to access the site to start their exams. The university had postponed some exams to 10:30 am, but the site was still not available, so students did not know what they were supposed to do.

Students were left confused as the university has yet to provide advice. There are also concerns as some were able to access their exams but started their exams late.

After a year of blended learning that has remained largely online, the students reacted with anger. Caitlin, a third-year veterinary student, whose exams this week are worth 90 percent of her final year mark, told The Bristol Tab: “I just don’t understand why they can’t pull themselves together.

“It happens every year. They should surely anticipate this and not just schedule every [exam] at a time”.

Sam, a cooler zoology student, said, “I was so stressed out when it wasn’t charging the first time I almost threw up in my flowerpot. I don’t know what to do now, do I sit here all day? “

University departments are scrambling to get a message across to their students. Hannah, a second-year pharmacology student, told us her department initially emailed students to wait for the site to be live again, but has since told students not to start the review even if it becomes available.

However, some students were able to access the exam before receiving the email so as not to open it and, as Hannah explains, “have already seen half of the questions.”

Email sent to all pharmacology students

Some departments have pushed back the start time for exams to noon, but it is clear that there is no confirmed time for the site to be brought back online, if all students will be able to access it and, in the yes, if it will crash again. .

Update: Blackboard is coming back online

Bristol Uni IT Services has confirmed that the Blackboard site has come back online and that they are “monitoring” the situation. It is still not known how many students were able to access their exams this morning.

Questions remain as to how the university will alleviate the confusion and stress this has caused to students ahead of the final year exams that count towards students’ graduation and how the university will alleviate the impact of some students. having access to their question documents while others did not. .

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