Breeze Airways Opens Flight Attendant Recruitment Beyond Online College Students


Breeze Airways, a new low-cost airline from serial aviation entrepreneur David Neeleman, due to launch later this year, has posted flight attendant jobs beyond a college program controversial online work / study that has aroused the wrath of the biggest flight attendant. union in the United States.

The Salt Lake City-based airline has made headlines for its unusual flight recruiting strategy that will see 18-year-old college students work part-time for Breeze Airways while completing their college education online in Utah Valley University.

Breeze has promised to pay flight attendants a fixed monthly rate of $ 1,200, as well as an annual scholarship of $ 6,000 and free shared corporate accommodation. Students hired by Breeze as part of the program, however, can only work as flight attendants while they complete the college course.

The Flight Attendants Association (AFA-CWA) has vowed to challenge the program with outspoken AFA President Sara Nelson, saying Breeze Airways is misusing federal co-op grants to reduce labor costs.

“We’re going to work hard to make sure this doesn’t take off,” Nelson recently said Forbes.

The Transport Workers Union called the program an “exploitation of workers” in a recent tweet which claimed that Neeleman’s new airline “was forcing flight attendants to sign contracts paying barely the minimum wage in exchange for an alleged University diploma “.

AFA’s United Airlines arm says its most junior flight attendants earn a daily rate that is roughly 48% higher than what Breeze flight attendants will receive during their careers with the airline.

Now, it turns out that Breeze Airways is looking to hire slightly older flight attendants outside of the student program. A spokesperson for the airline did not say whether the decision was made to counter criticism from the unions or because the university program had not been sufficiently interested.

“We are still sticking to the program and meeting all of its targets, but we needed additional numbers beyond that,” the spokesperson said. Bloomberg Friday.

The new job offer, however, will only offer a minimum of 70 hours of work per month on a four-year contract. Flight attendants will receive a cash payment after completing the contract – it was not immediately clear whether Breeze would offer flight attendants the option to extend their contract.

One of the biggest criticisms leveled at Breeze by flight attendant unions is that the airline will not allow employees to turn their jobs into long-term careers – a problem that is not solved by a short contract. four years.

Breeze had opened up non-student flight attendant positions on its own website to applicants as young as 18 on Friday. On another career website, the airline announced the minimum age was 20.

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