Blind River Schools Return to Online Learning Due to COVID-19 Concerns


Two Blind River schools are switching to e-learning after officials learned of a case of COVID-19 suspected of involving the Omicron variant in an individual associated with schools.

The decision to close Blind River Public School and WC Eaket High School to classroom learning was made by the Algoma Public School Board. Education director Lucia Reece said the decision was made out of caution.

“There are more students being laid off and their siblings are being laid off as well as the staff,” Reece said. “Obviously, this had a huge impact on the number of staff in the small schools. So, in order to ensure the safety and supervision of the program, we were forced to bring these two schools online. “

Reece said after consultation with Algoma Public Health (APH), it was discovered that the COVID-19 case identified last Friday met the criteria for the Omicron variant.

The APH said there were no confirmed cases of Omicron in the Algoma district. However, officials said there are suspected variant cases based on early laboratory detection, international travel, or a link to an Omicron-related case elsewhere in the province.


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