Association of private schools takes on e-learning apps | Nagpur News

Nagpur: A state-level association of private schools has written to the state government to demand tough action against e-learning apps/portals, alleging they are “cheating parents” by these companies .
The Maharashtra English School Trustees Association (Mesta) has also declared its intention to stage statewide protests against these learning apps.
Mesta Chairman Sanjay Tayde-Patil said: “We will meet with School Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad in Mumbai where the budget session of the state legislature is taking place. Our demand is that there must be regulation for all those online learning apps and portals that swindle parents’ money in the name of education.
Mesta had played a key role in literally forcing the government’s hand to reopen schools in January itself, even though the original plan appeared to be not to do so until February 15. He had declared the reopening of schools in defiance of government orders in January, following which very senior political leaders got involved and soon schools were allowed to reopen.
Tayde-Patil said: “We have seen how everyone has harassed English schools over the past two years and so many rules and regulations have been thrust upon us. Every movement of Mesta members was questioned and allegations were made against us as if the school trustees were some kind of anti-social elements. But surprisingly, there is no regulation for these online learning portals. Parents lose their hard-earned money, but no one cares.
Mesta prepares for a statewide unrest if the government disregards their demand. “We will be holding protests in every district because student rights and welfare are our primary focus. There is loot opened up by educational apps that don’t even follow the rules or the state curriculum,” Tayde-Patil said.
He added that the government must regulate all these companies. “We must protect the rights of our students and our parents. Unless there are appropriate government regulations, nothing can be done. The government has always said it is focused on student welfare, so it is high time it followed through,” Tayde-Patil said.


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